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The 21 Best Drinking Songs to Raise Your Glass To

best drinking songs
Best drinking songs. Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

Like PB and J or fries and ketchup, music and drinking just fit well together. Whether the subject is beer, wine, whiskey, or cocktails, there is no shortage of great songs about drinking. But what are the best drinking songs? Find out below. 


“Shot For Me” – Drake

Most of us tend to think about our exes when the drinks start flowing.  

Drake’s “Shot For Me,” which he wrote while doing some soul-searching, found its way onto this best drinking songs list to remind you not to drunk-dial your ex.

This song is good for the moments when the weekend finally arrives.


“Brass Monkey” Beastie Boys

This classic from the Beastie Boys is fittingly about a beverage called Brass Monkey, a mixture of vodka, rum, and juice. 

A fun, playful, witty song, it’s perfect for a night out with your friends, especially if you want to listen to one of the best drinking songs.


“Cheers Drink To That” – Rihanna

The sound of a Rihanna song is almost impossible to ignore, whether it’s played in the club, at a backyard cookout, while camping, or in your car. 

Having fun on the weekend is the theme of this upbeat tune. We’ll drink to that!


“Raise Your Glass” – Pink

What is the best song to sing when drunk? Many would argue that “Raise Your Glass” by Pink would win the title. 

Once you hear this song, you can’t help but dance, jump, and sing to it. Once your feet start moving and the lyrics begin, you’ll yell every word. The song has strong, memorable words that effectively convey the message – RAISE YOUR GLASS!


“I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink” – Merle Haggard

Another drinking song for those who want to forget an ex, this is one of the best old drinking songs, at least if you consider the 1980s old. Believe it or not, that’s almost 50 years!

“I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink” is as good as when it first came out. The narrator’s solution to life’s problems is good music and a few beers. 


“Whiskey River” – Willie Nelson

It’s not uncommon for people to use alcohol to cope with losing someone important to them. Most of us have probably done it at least once or twice. 

“Whiskey River” is a song about forgetting painful memories by floating down a river of alcohol. Thank you, Willie Nelson (via Johnny Bush).

Now, we always recommend practicing safe, responsible drinking at all times. But if you want to have a memorial drink for someone who isn’t in your life anymore, this is the song for you.


“Moonshiner” – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s cover of old folk tune “Moonshiner” from the early 1960s is a classic drinking song. 

The story, which combines sadness and a celebratory mood, revolves around the life of a moonshine distiller. The only thing he spends his money on is alcohol. It’s at once reflective and extremely catchy. 

And who doesn’t love a bit of Bob Dylan with a beer?


“Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)” – The Doors

Despite its simplicity, there is still a lot of energy in this 60s throwback cover song by The Doors. 

The song is easy to sing, centered around the search for whiskey. Haven’t we all been there? 

There’s an amount of ambiguity in this song that makes it interesting. Is Jim Morrison singing to help cope with his loss or to celebrate her life? 

We don’t know, but we will raise our glasses and sing with him anyway.


“After The Afterparty” – Charli XCX Featuring Lil Yachty

Some of us don’t like parties to end, and the afterparty is dedicated to addressing this issue. 

“After the Afterparty” is dedicated to those who wish to continue to party until the wee hours of the morning, until even after the afterparty. We get you, Charli XCX.


“Last Name” – Carrie Underwood

Carrie often sings clean, radio-friendly songs, but this one doesn’t quite fit with the wholesome tracks…and we love it! 

“Last Name” is about a night of drinking that ends in passing out. That’s common for those of us who enjoy a few too many drinks, but how many have woken up to find that they’re married? Oh, man.


“Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women” – Sons of Pioneers

This old-timey barn burner is a singalong ode to the sanity-inducing power of tobacco and brown liquor. Many artists have covered it, including legends Jim Croce and Buck Owens.

Wondering what you should listen to when drinking? Look no further. It’s certainly one of the best drinking songs.


“Drunk in Love” – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s music is a melting pot of poetic lyrics and sensual melodies. This classic is no exception.

“Drunk in Love” is one of the most popular songs to listen to while drinking, in addition to one of the best tracks about being in love. The romantic and slow vibe of this one will help you chill out and relax.

It’s a rare track that can be called one of the best drinking songs AND one of the best love songs.


“You and Me and the Bottle Make Three” – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

BBVD was the driving force behind this party song, which surely resulted in concussions throughout an entire subculture who were swing dancing after drinking. 

The song was in the movie Swingers, which helped it gain popularity, but then it disappeared from popular culture. 

It hasn’t resurfaced much in everyday song listening, but it’s essential for those having a few drinks and searching for the best drinking songs.


“TiK ToK” – Ke$ha

Who doesn’t know this hit song?! “Tik Tok” is essential for any occasion that involves drinking, dancing, singing, or all three. 

When someone asks you for some summer drinking songs, this one has to be on top of the list. 

Ke$ha’s outfit in the music video gives the impression of a hard night on Jack, and we are so here for it!


“Lived In Bars” – Cat Power

“Lived in Bars” became a huge party anthem during the 2000s. It’s worth listening to when you’re enjoying a few cold ones. 

The song describes endless dancing and living the party lifestyle. It’s a great song to listen to when drinking until you can’t drink anymore. 


“Drink A Beer” – Luke Bryan

This 2013 Luke Bryan track should be on everyone’s drinking playlist. 

Beer and drinking with friends are the subject of this one.

At one point in the song, Bryan discusses one sure-fire method for feeling good: drinking beer and munching bacon. Relatable.


“Good Beer Drinkin” – Landon Parker

Landon Parker’s “Good Beer Drinkin'” is another song that deserves to be on the best drinking songs list, as it’s perfect for a crowd singalong. It was a song he fooled around with until friends and family told him he needed to record it in a studio. 

When people ask what the number one drinking song is, tell them to listen to this track, especially those with a country music-loving heart.


“Gin & Juice” – Snoop Dogg

When you’re thinking of the best drinking songs, especially the best rap songs about drinking, “Gin and Juice” should be one of the first that comes to mind. 

As our hero proves, “Gin & Juice” go well together, both as a beverage and as a song. Crank this one up to make any party come alive.


“Friends in Low Places” – Garth Brooks

This is another one of the best drinking songs that is perfect for any drinking occasion. 

If you’re drinking because you are brokenhearted, it works well. If you feel like relieving some tension with a few beers, it works well. If you’re drinking…well, for any reason, it works well!

Garth Brooks has a knack for a good tune, as you can see with this classic drinking song.


“Bartender” – Lady Antebellum

In the music video for “Bartender,” some folks convince one of their friends to get over their ex by going out to the bar. 

For the evening to work out, the bartender must keep drinks flowing. The goal is to forget the ex’s name altogether. 

Doesn’t that story sound familiar? We know it does for us!


“Drunk On A Plane” – Dierks Bentley 

“Drunk On A Plane” is a story about a man who flies solo during the honeymoon of his dreams. Since his wedding didn’t work out as planned, he travels alone and has a blast. 

Despite its title, having fun with this song is not dependent on having drinks at 35,000 feet. But it should definitely be added to your best drinking songs 2023 list!

What do you think are the best drinking songs? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Hope Davis

Long-time music lover Hope became a full-time writer in 2020 after being laid off from her regular job due to COVID-19. She now spends her time traveling the world to see her favorite bands while writing about them!


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