15 Nostalgic 90s TV Show Theme Songs To Take You Back to Better Times

90s tv show theme songs
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The 1990s were an exciting time: music was cutting-edge, pop culture was on point, and fashion was changing rapidly(although it wasn’t our favorite!). Television shows, especially their theme songs, contributed greatly to this era’s optimistic enthusiasm. 

While it’s easy to forget what happened in your favorite television show, the theme song usually sticks in the back of your mind. Catchy tunes from the 90s often reflected the attitude of the show. Even though many of these songs are wordless, they are easily recognizable to fans. 

Are you trying to remember some of these nostalgic 90s tv show theme songs? Keep reading to find out which ones made our list.

1. Friends: “I’ll Be There For You”

Performed by The Rembrandts, the song was the perfect theme song for this television series that featured a group of friends navigating through their adult lives in New York City. Often featured in the ever-popular coffee shop, Central Perk, the show is packed full of laughter, tears, and quite a bit of inner-group dating.

2. Baywatch: “I’m Always Here”

Although this iconic television series started in the 80s, it continued its run of being one of the most-watched shows during the 1990s. While the first episode featured a different hit song, “I’m Always Here” is the one that fans remember the most.

3. Full House: “Everywhere You Look”

Another of the most influential television shows during the 90s actually began in the late 1980s. Although this is true, most who remember watching the hit television show, do so as one of the fonder memories and often stuck in the brain theme song, “Everywhere You Look.”

4. Home Improvement: “Home Improvement Theme Song”

This song, composed by Dan Foliart, was just as unique as the popular television series itself. The song consisted of not only music from various instruments such as the guitar, organ, and flute but also included sounds of power tools and an occasional grunt.

Most people remember Home Improvement, which featured Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, alongside Al, for the home improvement TV show they hosted. With crazy antics and colossal mistakes, the show kept viewers on the edge of their seats with laughter.

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5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

“In West Philadelphia born and raised…” Begin this iconic track by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince and any 90s kid will sing along with the entire thing. The theme song is from the hit TV series starring Will Smith as a teenager who moves in with his uncle and aunt in Los Angeles after getting into trouble in his hometown of Philadelphia.

6. King of the Hill: “Yahoos and Triangles”

Created in the late 1990s by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, this popular animated television show for adults featured a hit song by The Refreshments. “Yahoos and Triangles,” though no words were used for the theme song, was a catchy tune that was easy to identify.

7. Reading Rainbow: “Reading Rainbow Theme Song”

Although this show was known for spanning two decades, starting in the early 1980s, even those who grew up in the 90s can remember singing along with Tina Fabrique. Reading Rainbow gave even the most reluctant readers the inspiration to pick up a book and read.

What most people may not know is that the original song was replaced in 1999 and was performed by Chaka Khan.

8. X-Files: “X-Files Theme Song”

Although this theme song does not have words, just hearing the first few notes of the song, composed by Mark Snow, may have the creepy tune stuck in your head for hours. The premise of the show was based on a science fiction storyline that featured two agents, Scully and Mulder, who believed that “the truth was out there.”

9. Zaboomafoo: “Theme Song for Zaboomafoo”

Although the television show was short-lived, the song remains in the minds of anyone who enjoyed the series. The show featured the creators, Chris and Martin Kratt, who often met up with their friend, Zaboomafoo, who was a talking lemur.

10. Dawson’s Creek: “I Don’t Want to Wait”

Paula Cole’s song “I Don’t Want to Wait” was the perfect song to pair with this coming-of-age television series that featured a group of teens as they deal with hormones and teen angst. The episodes in the series were often filled with plenty of teenage attitudes, somewhat controversial situations, and a lot of inner-group love triangles.

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11. Law and Order: “Law and Order Theme Song”

This crime-based television series has been on the air since the early 1990s and can still be seen today. The theme song is one of those that may be wordless but is often hummed by people around the world.

The theme song for Law and Order was created by composer, Mike Post, and was intended to have a bit of seriousness mixed with intrigue much like the show’s plot lines.

12. Charmed: “How Soon is Now”

Although originally performed by The Smiths, “How Soon is Now” that is featured on this late 90s television show was the version by Spit Love. The unique sound of the song was the perfect introduction to a show about young witches who were just learning how to use their powers.

13. Saved by the Bell: “Theme Song from Saved by the Bell”

The 1990s featured many teen dramas that were full of colorful characters and plenty of teenage angst and love triangles. Most people who grew up in the 90s remember Saved by the Bell as one of the most-watched teen dramedies at the time and this song is definitely one of the most nostalgic 90s tv show theme songs.

14. That ‘70s Show: “In the Street”

That ‘70s Show, although created in the late 1990s, featured a group of friends who were growing up together in the 70s (sorry to any millennials who thought this was actually filmed in the 70s!). The theme song, “In the Street” was originally recorded by Todd Griffin, and became a huge banner of pride for the popular show.

15. Beverly Hills, 90210: “Beverly Hills, 90210 Theme Song”

For those who missed it, this television series featured a group of high school students as they made their way from teens into adulthood. The theme song, which was composed by John E. Davis, was created using several instruments including the saxophone, guitar, piano, and synthesizer creating a unique sound that is still easily recognizable today!

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