20 Facts About Minnesota Music

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The Minnesota music scene is one that has certainly earned its stripes; from the molding of Grammy winning artists, to the birth of iconic events halls and clubs. Minnesota has made its mark in musical history, and has no intention of slowing down.  Our accomplished western state is home to an array of talent, outstanding venues, and impressive musical feats both old and new. Here are 20 interesting facts about the Minnesota music scene:

  1. The theme song to the hit television sitcom Friends was co-written by Phil Solem, who is both a member of the Rembrandts and solo artist in Minneapolis.
  2. Grammy award winning artist Prince recorded segments for the video to his song Purple Rain during a live performance at First Avenue in 1983.
  3. The Epic event center was once a popular night club called Quest, which was owned by Prince’s former bodyguard and manager Gilbert Davison.
  4. First Avenue was once a Greyhound bus station, and was later transformed into a club known as The Depot in 1970 before becoming the renowned venue it is known as today.
  5. Adele’s chart topping single “Someone Like You” was co-written by Minnesota native Dan Wilson.
  6. Internationally acclaimed composer Yanni attended the University of Minnesota and was a keyboardist to several local rock bands.
  7. Bob Dylan once lived above the Loring Pasta Bar, then known as Grey’s Drug Store.
  8. Hymie’s Basement, a collaborative effort between Yoni Wolf and Andrew Broder, was named after the Minneapolis music store Hymie’s Vintage Records where the band recorded several tracks.
  9. Minnesota rock group Gary Puckett and The Union Gap once outsold The Beatles in 1968.
  10. City Pages was once a monthly music magazine known as Sweet Potato.
  11. Minnesota native band Hüsker Düwas was the first hardcore band to be signed to a major label.
  12. Lucinda Williams included a song called “Minneapolis” on her 2003 album “World Without Tears.”
  13. The late Minnesota based rapper known as Eyedea was the second youngest rapper ever to win the Scribble Jam freestyle competition at the tender age of 17.
  14. The cover of The Replacement’s album “Let it Be” was originally photographed by Dan Corrigan, who works as the current house photographer at First Avenue.
  15. Rhymesavers, a Minneapolis based hip hop label, has been voted #1 in the Star Tribune’s Critics’ Tally for more than 6 polls in the last 10 years.
  16. Courtney Love was once a member of an all-girl Minneapolis rock group known as Babes in Toyland.
  17. The Beatles performed one time and one time only at the Met Stadium (now Mall of America) for over 28,000 fans on August 21, 1965.
  18. The Replacement’s “Skyway” was written as an ode to Minneapolis’ indoor above ground tunnel system.
  19. The Twin Cities’ Grammy winning gospel group, Sounds of Blackness, celebrated their 40th anniversary at the Mall of America Rotunda in October 2011.
  20. The now disused Longhorn Bar in downtown Minneapolis was once a hub for the new wave and hardcore punk scenes in the late 1970s.
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