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SOLD OUT: Emarosa Performs at 7th Street Entry on Official Peach Club Tour

Emarosa on Peach Club Tour Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

On a chilly Thursday in Minnesota, Emarosa performed at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry on the 5th date of their ‘Official’ Peach Club Tour. Accompanied by Too Close To Touch and Vaines, this sold-out tour is one you didn’t want to miss.

Forming in 2006, this Kentucky-based band has had a fair share of past members, but guitarist ER White has stuck it out and helped create a band as diverse as its members. Throughout Emarosa’s career, their sound has drastically changed and evolved and has remained a favorite of mine since their release of Relativity back in 2008.

Bradley Walden of Emarosa Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

Emarosa has had talented vocalists like Chris Roetter, Jonny Craig and Bradley Walden who have contributed a lot to the band’s diverse sound. I remember hearing that Jonny Craig was leaving Emarosa back in 2011 and being extremely disappointed because I absolutely loved his unique sound. 

However, seeing Emarosa perform on one of their first tours with their newest vocalist, Bradley Walden, I was excitedly impressed with his performance, talent and drive to lead the band in a new direction.

In October of 2018, Emarosa announced that their newest album, Peach Club under Hopeless Records would be released in February of 2019. Each single released as teasers for the album left me shocked, excited and wanting more. Emarosa traded their post-hardcore sound for a more pop and synthy vibe. It was unexpected and extremely well done.

ER White of Emarosa Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

Givin’ Up‘ was the first single released in November of 2018 and I literally listened to it non-stop for that first month after it came out and was caught wearing headphones and dancing in the backroom at work on many occasions.

This evolution of sound gave me a new appreciation for the band. Hearing the progression of their sound from This is Your Way Out (2006) to Peach Club (2019) is really astonishing. It shows how much talent has built this band. Even since Bradley Walden joined the band, their sound has changed from his first album, Versus (2013), to now.

Vaines at 7th St Entry Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

Vaines and Too Close To Touch opened for Emarosa and helped pump up the crowd before the last performance. Vaines, from Los Angeles, California mentioned that this was their first tour ever. Being able to tour with bands like Too Close To Touch and Emarosa for your first time sounds like an absolutely incredible experience.

Right off the bat, Vaines was energetic and visibly enjoyed their set. It was cool to see people singing along and dancing at the beginning of the night. Vaines’ merch was also really unique and had a retro 70s look to it that I haven’t seen from a lot of other bands.

Vaines on Emarosa’s Peach Club Tour Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

Too Close To Touch followed Vaines, giving an energetic and powerful set. They released a 3-track EP in November called I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You and performed those songs as well as older ones.

During their set, the crowd’s energy grew and the whole venue was moving and thudding along with their heavier sound. I hadn’t seen Too Close To Touch perform in a few years and it was fun to see how they’ve grown and how their sound has developed.

Keaton Piece of Too Close To Touch Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

By the time Emarosa got to the stage, the crowd was roaring with excitement and ready to groove along and sing with the band. Emarosa performed all the songs off of Peach Club and a handful of songs off of their previous albums with Walden as their vocalist.

Throughout the set, Walden was dancing and introducing us to each member of the band. It is evident how much love and respect each of the artists have for each other by the way they chatted between songs, messed around with each other, and gave each other time to shine.

Mason Marble of Too Close To Touch Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

During the set, Walden and their bassist, Will Sowers. performed a 30-second cover of “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield and had their fans singing along and smiling with them as they messed around with each other between songs.

Their set was long, but I wish it could have been longer. I know I’m biased because Emarosa is one of my favorite bands, but I didn’t stop smiling, dancing and singing the entire time and thought it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

Matthew Marcellus of Emarosa Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

Besides playing their new groovier songs, Emarosa also performed “Porcelain” and filled 7th Street Entry with an emotional sound and a heartfelt performance that was beautiful and vulnerable.

Before heading off of the stage for the night, Walden called everyone, crowd, and band included, into a hands-in and shouted “Peach Club” on the count of three. It was really fun to feel included in their performance and that they were willing to share a moment of excitement and admiration for their music with their fans. Walden held the mic out to the crowd throughout their set and let others sing along with him.

Will Sowers of Emarosa Photo by Lauren Zimitsch

Emarosa’s performance last night was one I won’t forget and, being in a smaller venue, I loved being up close to the band and feeling included in their performance. All of the artists did an amazing job and they all stuck around after the show to meet their fans, sign autographs, and sell merch.

I always appreciate when bands are dedicated to their fans. Last night filled 7th Street Entry with a community of people who were truly enjoying themselves and artists with incredible talent, humility, and compassion.

Written by Lauren Zimitsch

Twin-Cities based photographer focusing on color, experience, and storytelling. Find me on Instagram at @kylo_lau_ren and let me know what you think!


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