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“how was the set? How was the mood? What songs did you like/dislike?”

Answer: The mood was very dated, almost nostalgic for the 80’s.. Black and white themed. I enjoyed their light show, as written in the article. I liked the song “Girls”, because of its instrumentation. Although, all the songs started to sound the same, and Matthew dragging his feet around the stage like he has been shot with a tranquilizer dart began to bore me.

“You claim that “kids are having sex at a younger age.” How exactly does this relate to the 1975?”

Answer: Because his lyrics feature sexual experiences. His interviews feature sexual experiences. His fans are young girls and boys.

Radio, CDs, and tapes make up 17 percent of teens’ total daily media exposure. On average, adolescents listen to music between 1.5 and 2.5 hours a day depending on their age. Adolescents aged twelve to seventeen were asked about about sexual knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and demographic and psychosocial variables known to predict sexual behavior or media use. They found that adolescents who spent more time listening to music with sexual content were more likely to initiate sexual intercourse and to progress in their noncoital activity than those who spent less time. That finding held up even when researchers took into account eighteen other predictors of sexual behavior.

“I have friends that appear to be “cool” and smoke drugs and drink alcohol but that doesn’t mean I’ll give into peer pressure even though it’s right in front of me.”

Answer: Congratulations for being one of the very few who don’t give in to peer pressure. Do you also respect these friends of yours? Do you see luster in the way your friends live their lives? Matt’s lifestyle shows luster, and people connect that aspect of his life with other aspects of his life.

“in my opinion, they aren’t trying to promote an agenda.”

Answer: They don’t need an agenda to promote their habits. They’re being selfish by bringing their habits out in public. They just don’t care what affect their actions might have on their fans by showcasing them. Their goal isnt to recruit new addicts, but they will.

“did you know that recently 1D members Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik had a video released of them smoking marijuana?”

Answer: Yes, I have been notified of this. And I am beginning to realize One Direction was a terrible example to use. Perhaps I should have used Owl CIty, The Silver Heart Club, Josh Clutter, or Xavier Salaja as a reference.

Thanks for the great response Maya!

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word homie

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I haven’t deleted any comments. I’ve allowed all comments. Yes! I totally agree! Parents affect the influence! I’m glad you said this. But not every household has an awesome mother like yourself. It happens more often than you know, where kids attach to other role models, but don’t get taught anything. They see, and they do, without knowledge of what’s right and wrong.

Keep being an awesome mom, Lynne!

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Yeah, thats a bummer. The world is definitely screwed.

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Often times, people need to be protected from themselves. Not just children.

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She’s lying to you.

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“It is not their fault that teenagers can relate to and become connected to these songs.”

Answer: Teens should not relate to his music. His experiences are not like the average youth’s. You should not share X-rated experiences with 13 year old girls. These kids want to relate to him so bad, that they follow in his footsteps, making the mistakes he once made. It’s so beyond screwed up that nobody sees that.

“The immense love for the band stems from the trust gained by the raw truth of the songs and the amount of hard work that the members put into their music careers.”

Answer: Theres raw truth in a lot of music. The 1975 isn’t the only outlet for truth. And hard work? There are millions of artists out there that toil over the creation of their own music, (myself being one of them). Artists who spend every dollar they earn from a crappy job in order to get their feelings out on a recording, and then listen to their songs back 1,000 times before being okay with releasing an album. Hard work and truth is nothing new.

“Members of One Direction have had videos released of them smoking marijuana”

Answer: One Direction cannot control leaked photos/videos of what they do behind closed doors. I was not aware of these findings before writing the article. I chose One Direction as an example, because their image appeared to be clean and positive. I am not a fan, nor do I know anything about them.

“It is traditionally and historically the usual for girls of twelve to be married and producing children.”

Answer: Haha, you’re serious? We aren’t living in ancient rome times. It’s actually illegal now days to have sex with a minor..welcome to the 19th century. Do you think 12 year olds are resonsible enough to care for and raise a baby? Lol wow.

“there amount of grammatical errors in this editorial lowers the credibility of the opinion by a considerable amount.”

Answer: You have spelling errors in this sentence. Big deal. My point was delivered and was received by readers. Matt even had a grammatical error in his own response. Get over it.

... Bo Weber

:Any teen that steps out of their house is going to come in contact with people smoking and drinking, and yes Matty is a “rock star” but he isn’t deliberately promoting.”

Answer: Thousands of fans waiting for Matt’s appearance before he steps out on the stage. He thinks “Do I bring the bottle of booze with me?” And then he answers that question with an action. There is a specific moment in his set when he sparks up a cigarette. I know entertainment, and that was a planned out thought. So again, how is he not deliberately promoting?

“He isn’t getting wasted, he just sips”

Answer: Haha, he is still showcasing alcohol.
Ultimately, anything that Matthew does on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans is promotion.

“My 8 year old sister enjoys this band because they’re real.”

Answer: Yeah, when I was 8 years old, I was looking for some meaning in life. Thats ridiculous.. She likes their music because it’s catchy.

“This reality isn’t making us smoke and drink, it’s making us discover who are.”

Answer: Discovering who you are is awesome. I’m all for that. But 15 years later when you finally discover who you are, and it disappoints you, hopefully you wont be found with a bottle in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. Because that’s what Matthew is teaching you how to handle it.

... Bo Weber

“You act like kids are so stupid”

Answer: They are. I was once one of them.

“If teens are supposed to be committing to colleges and have so many responsibilities, they have the right judgement to not blindly follow a band.”

We are talking about 13-16 year old fans, Allie. However, seniors in highschool are still just as easy to persuade. I’m glad you brought up College. It’s the perfect example of following blindly into something. The college dropout rate has recently been called a National Crisis. 50% – 70% of students change their majors at least once, most will change majors at least 3 times before they graduate, and (in my opinion) 100% of students will over pay for their education, You may want to consider taking a year off school before going broke for college.

Remember. even grown adults, (who have so many responsibilites) follow blindly to many areas in life.

“One Direction is seen smoking cigarettes constantly and there is a video of some of the members smoking weed as well.”

Photos/Videos leaked on the internet are something they cannot control. Everyone is free to live the life they want, which is what One Direction is trying to do behind closed doors, which is fine by me. If they wanted to strive to be a better human being, they would take those steps to better themselves. At least they aren’t doing it in stage.

... Bo Weber

Or did I.