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Grayson Dewolfe brings classic dad jokes to The Garage

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grayson dewolfe e1523244912144

The Garage is a venue I rarely ever go to, although I have so much respect for it. If you scroll down any of my social media pages far enough, you’ll see that this place is the first venue where I officially shot a show. The positive vibe and welcoming staff brings this venue close to my heart. Grayson Dewolfe is the same way when it comes to his love for his fans. At his shows, you can instantly tell that he cares deeply for every person in the room.

Starting off the night was Savannah Brennan. Her set was so airy and sweet. Even though she is from Plymouth, Minnesota, I have not had the pleasure of seeing her perform live although I was so happy to be able to be in her presence on Friday. She mainly performed new songs off of her EP, Nothing to Prove, although she did make sure to throw in some covers as well. Overall, the crowd absolutely adored her and so did I.

Photo by Emma Roden

Next up was The Wldlfe, which remind me a lot of The 1975. Coming from me, that’s the biggest compliment you can get because I absolutely adore The 1975. The Wldlfe hit the stage with such a bang that I couldn’t help but mutter a “WOW” under my breath. Their performance consisted of a mix of new and old songs including “Water Falls”, “Text Me”, and new songs “Real Ones” and “I Don’t Mind.” Their music is something you don’t need to know to be able to jam out to it, which really helped because the crowd instantly started jumping up and down and waving their hands in the air. The Wldlfe is a band I’m definitely going to have to follow up on, and so should you.

Photo by Emma Roden

The last openers were the one and only Marina City. It’s crazy to me that I was shooting them because I shot with them two years ago at The Garage and, I’m not 100{a43c2147d37bcf8b898f59ebaaf066dc60bd9fbfc7430ae40ed3f9adbaab469e} certain, but I think Grayson was performing at that show as well. It was insane to see the progress we have all made, and to be in the same venue was heartwarming. Of course they played “Royalty,” one of my favorites. This song was a huge hit with the crowd as they sang along to the lyrics.

Marina City performed a couple of more hits such as “I Can’t Love You.” This band is full of jokesters, which is probably my favorite part of knowing them. Ryan, the lead singer, got super excited to perform one of their hits and said to the crowd, “if you know this song, sing along. If you don’t, make that shit up.”

Photo by Emma Roden
Photo by Emma Roden

Once Marina City completed their set, the crowd started to get stir crazy waiting for Grayson to get on stage. Although it took a bit longer than it was supposed to, he finally got on stage and the crowd instantly started screaming with excitement. You could definitely feel the love in the small venue in Burnsville that night.

Early on, he played “Close,” a song off of his most recent EP, released in December. Shortly after that song ended, a fan screamed and made an incredibly funny noise which instantly caught Grayson’s attention and he asked “Who made that noise? That was amazing.” He proceeded to run around the stage singing loudly for his very loyal fans. Some of the hits of the night were “Please Hurry Up” and “Close,” which actually made some fans cry, although I couldn’t tell if the tears were happy or sad. Either way, tears in a crowded room are so beautiful to me. It shows how the artist impacted someone’s journey. Grayson also noticed the tears and made sure to address the fact in a loving matter.

My favorite part of his performance was when Grayson revealed that his pianist was one to make “dad jokes.” His pianist’s response was, “I don’t make dad jokes.” He sounded almost offended. Henry James Patterson (who was playing guitar for Grayson although he also has his own band which you should check out) then mentioned mom jokes. He mentioned The View which Grayson took as the typical mom quote “Enjoy the view” but Henry was really talking about the show The View. This entire conversation had everyone in the room laughing, including me. More jokes came throughout the night, including a moment when Henry tried putting two guitars around his neck because Grayson couldn’t find his guitar stand. This group is so insanely funny and sweet. I highly recommend checking them out: go to a show or just listen to their music on any music platform.

Photo by Emma Roden
Photo by Emma Roden

Grayson Wolfe, Marina City, and The Wldlfe are all on tour right now and if you are in any of the cities they are hitting, you have to go to their show. Tickets are available at

Emma Roden
Author: Emma Roden

Minneapolis based photographer that's always up for new [email protected] for inquiries

Written by Emma Roden

Minneapolis based photographer that's always up for new events

[email protected] for inquiries

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