Music band LUTHI has seven members lined up in brilliant spring colors in a parking lot
Members of the band LUTHI. Photo provided.
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“Boogie Circus” Band LUTHI to Visit 7th Street Entry

I sorely appreciate good communication, and when it comes to lyrical music, I appreciate it even more when lyrics are comprehendible.  This coming Monday, the band LUTHI will be sharing their fun and energetic linguistic and instrumental talent at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis.  Attending the show will be a perfect way to top off a humdrum day at work. 

Although Chicago musician Cole DeGenova affectionately called them ‘Nashville badasses’ in his recent Instagram post about opening for the group in Chicago, they don’t represent a Nashville sound one might expect.  Headed by founding member Christian Luthi on vocals, the 9-member band will bring their mix of guitars, drums, keyboard, sax, trombone, trumpet, and vocals into a unique party-funk jam that reminds me of the 1970’s Earth, Wind, and Fire days of my youth.  Not that LUTHI sounds like a 70’s band.  That’s the best part.  It’s a fresh, cool sound from borrowed histories,  much like what composers have done for centuries. 

Any audience walking into this performance will, not long into their gig, undoubtedly have the urge to follow Christian’s instinctive desire to go barefoot, though the Entry might frown on that sort of jubilation.  Fire code rules, you know.  And if you happen to skip your morning workout Monday, never fear — just watching the band will burn calories.  However, I predict your impulsive feet won’t let you stand still.  The music won’t allow it; part of that quality communication, mind you. 

If you have a SoundCloud account, enjoy this sampling of their music here.  Show Date is May 20, 2019 at 8:30pm.  Tickets can be ordered here.

Written by J. Allen Wood

I switched gears from a successful 20-plus year truck driving career to a more interesting digital media field after finishing my BFA in New Media at Indiana University South Bend in May 2016, complemented by minors in creative writing, marketing, and business management. I am pleased to put my creativity to use during this digital renaissance as a casual music photojournalist, when I’m not creating digital or music content in my small studio.


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