The Weepies Beat Cancer Thanks To Medical Marijuana



The Weepies are an alternative folk duo, who reside in the farmland of Iowa. Their precious melodies and delicate lyrics are known to pull on the heart strings of listeners. The two love birds Steve and Deb have been one of my personal favorite bands since high school, and was very excited to set up an interview with them!

Although their name may not ring a bell, The Weepies have released five albums over a seven year span and sold more than one million records! Steve responds, “When you put it like that, it seems like I shouldn’t be driving a Toyota.” Steve immediately shows his bubbly personality over the telephone, which I would not have guessed, judging by his soft spoken vocal chords on their albums. Both Steve and Deb seem to have an amazingly positive outlook on life. Not to say their journey in life has been easy by any means…

In 2013, just before Christmas, Deb was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. It was a shock to their entire family. Luckily, Steve had insurance on their family, which is not cheap for someone who doesn’t have a “regular job”. Since Chemotherapy is so expensive, the treatment is almost an impossible option for many who do not have health insurance.

Steve opened up about Deb’s use of medical marijuana during her battle with Breast Cancer. He also shared his frustration for the laws in which prohibited them from treating her in their home state. “We traveled to Colorado to do it. We did not do it in Iowa, otherwise it would have turned us into felons in order to manage Cancer, which is just wrong.”

In the most difficult time in their lives, Deb was receiving chemotherapy, home schooling their three children and giving what energy she had left toward their music. Talk about a strong-willed woman! During her time to recovery, Steve and Deb were writing and recording their new album “Sirens”. If you know someone who has had cancer and gone through Chemo, you know it wipes you out completely. Sometimes Deb was only able to do a few vocals takes per day in the studio before calling it a day.

But that was okay, because Steve and Deb did not have a manager or publisher on their backs, rushing them with a deadline to finish the album. They were able to organize their lives around their children, debs recovery and the record appropriately. Steve also talks of how they learned how to ask for help during their difficult time. Family and friends visited every single week. “Our guest room was full all the time.”, Steve said.

Now, with a mixture of Chemotherapy and Marijuana, Deb is currently cancer free! Check out their newest album “Sirens” available on Spotify.



Written by Bo Weber

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