Princess Nokia & Friends Crash The Cabooze

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New York rapper Princess Nokia ends her national tour here in Minnesota. Since her first music video “G.O.A.T.” debuted 6 months ago she has been consistently producing hit after hit. Her album “1992 Deluxe” released just last year and has already gathered a following. She is a strong supporter of feminism, LGBTQ, and POC rights which you can hear in her music.


After having to rescheduling the date of the show Princess Nokia came to the Cabooze to a sold out venue. The room was packed wall to wall with anticipation, love, and fun. People of all creeds, race, and sexual orientation where there to celebrate being in a space of understanding and compassion. Before the show a female local rapper Ness Nite hit the stage as well as two DJs. With the crowd sardine together you could hear the sounds of screaming fans as Princess Nokia made her way to the stage.

Without even time for people to take a picture Princess Nokia was already performing ” Katana” a nod to the Mortal Kombat player in the game. After her first song she took time to address the crowd to let them know that tonight there was some ground rules. Rule 1 this space was a safe space for women, LGBTQ, and POC. Even going as far to get a rainbow balloon that was set up on stage to show Unity. After the rules were set up she got right back to performing with G.O.A.T. and crowd surfed.

After a quick costume change Princess Nokia came back to “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco leading the crowd to shout the lyrics until the venue next door could hear them. She then thanked the crowd for their energy and exited stage left for the green room. Fans began to pour out of the hotbox which was the Cabooze onto the cold Minnesota night.

Her next stop is Coachella which she will be performing with the likes of Migos, Cardi B, 6black and Beyonce. With her first show being sold out her next show here will need a much bigger venue.

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