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On the Radar: Natalie Fideler’s New Album Three Man Army

Natalie Fideler has released her new album Three Man Army and the album release party is tonight at 7th St Entry! Natalie Fideler is captivating on stage and this show is not one to miss.

A departure from previous albums, there’s still plenty to love and enjoy on Three Man Army. Slowing things down a tad, the focus is a breezy, soulful approach.

“Caffeine Headache” is most notable in sound and clever lyrics about something much of us struggle with.

“Judas” and “Vinegar and Oil” are songs venturing into more of a jazzy, R&B style, while “Three Man Army” has a tinge of funk tones, much to my delight.

The album still has that raw sound and indie feel, but it also has a modern sound and feeling of growth. Her fabulous vocals still reign.

Go enjoy this treat on streaming services and support the band on bandcamp.

Written by Renee Jones

Writer, Photographer, and Editor at Music in Minnesota


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