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ON THE RADAR: Charlotte Glass releases “You’ve Got A Way” single [INTERVIEW]

A chat with chillstep Minneapolis singer Charlotte Glass

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Last updated on July 21st, 2023 at 01:14 am

Originally from Bison, South Dakota, Charlotte Glass moved to Minneapolis to study vocal performance and music business at McNally Smith College of Music. She was working toward her degree for three years before the school suddenly shut down last December.

No more waiting, Glass decided now was the time to begin sharing her art with the world. A mix of indie and electronica with deep singer-songwriter roots, her sound might be described as Alina Baraz meets Sara Bareilles.

Using dreamy synth keys and a doo-wop intro/outro, “You’ve Got a Way” presents a relatable situation, a dark theme wrapped in soothing vocals and a soft attack.

The refrain sounds complementary as Glass croons to her lover, “You’ve got a way, a way about you, I can’t describe it,” but as the song progresses, there is a feeling that this spell is masking a more bitter dissatisfaction, a self-aware understanding that, while passion may prevail, sometimes it is at the expense of limits we thought we would not cross.

Charlotte Glass Interview

MIM: For those who have never been to Bison, South Dakota, describe your hometown?

Glass: It’s in the middle of nowhere, quite literally! It’s the farthest away from a McDonald’s in the entire U.S. My childhood was filled with big gardens, horses, and riding a bike on gravel roads.

MIM: Who was it that inspired you to become a musician?

Glass: Due to being brought up in rural South Dakota, a lot of the music I listened to was country .. which is a rather embarrassing fact now! I also listened to a TON of Maroon 5 back then. I think what inspired me the most to become a musician was the pure joy I experienced when writing a new song, or finally mastering whatever classical piece on the piano I had been stuck on.

At 16 I realized how much I loved music, so why not make this my career? We have so little time on this Earth, why not focus the majority of our energy on what we’re passionate about? As I’ve gotten older, sometimes it’s difficult to find that joy … the initial, primal reason why I decided to pursue music.

MIM: What artists do you listen to today that influence your sound?

Glass: The artists that currently influence me are Alina Baraz, MO, Ashe, Honne, Vallis Alps, Tei Shi, Marian Hill, Whethan, Phantogram, Mansionair.

What message is within the lyrics of “You’ve Got A Way”?

Glass: “You’ve Got A Way” is a chillstep tune with obvious EDM elements that focus on the intoxication of a new relationship, despite clear red flags. While the verses and choruses speak of enchantment, the bridge asks an important question: Why do we stay with partners that do not treat us right? Especially when we are aware that we deserve better?

MIM: You also paint and create custom glassware?

Glass: I recently found another creative outlet that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring, and it was actually through art therapy that I discovered my love of painting. I started Wakey Bakey Designs back in March with the hopes that I could provide some calm to the chaos; the textures I develop on mugs are designed to create a tranquil effect on the hands (and mind) for those with anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy!

MIM: As a creative, especially a solo artist, there can be a lot of doubt that creeps in that cause you to wonder if you’re talented enough or have the determination to stay on the non-stop hustle of self-promotion. If this is something you experience how do you combat those thoughts?

Glass: It’s certainly a struggle! This is my first professional release of music and I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Definitely a little nervous about the whole thing. Something I’m still learning is that it takes time to build musical relationships.

It takes time to find the people you jive with. Whenever I’m feeling inadequate, I try to get outside – whether it’s rollerblading, walking or stretching in the park. It’s amazing how a little sunshine and physical activity can make you feel so much better mentally.

MIM: What undiscovered Minnesota artist (other than yourself) deserves to be heard?

Glass: So she’s technically not from Minnesota or currently living in this state, but I met her at McNally and I adore her voice and work ethic. Her name is Millie Gibson and she recently made the move out to New York to pursue her musical endeavors after McNally closed. She’s a Neo Soul/R&B artist, and you can find her on Facebook and Insta: @milliescrlycue

MIM: What can people expect from you in the near future?

Glass: People can expect more original material to be released before the new year! I’m still working with my producer, Andre Rodriguez, on a couple tunes and we’re excited to keep sharing!

MIM: Where can people find you online?

Glass: Updates on my work can be found on Facebook and Insta: @charlotteglassmusic and on my website

Written by Scott Bryan

Scott Bryan is a writer and adventurer. He has penned the books This Book Will Make You Go Crazy and Yellowville as well as the script for the independent feature film, Drunk. Now he goes to shows and runs the website


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