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album cover of Interference
Album Art of Interference

Last updated on November 17th, 2020 at 11:25 am

Interference, the latest from Fires of Denmark, is a contemplative electronic story of cause and effect. Its main concept is told in the sounds, but the lyrics bring it to its full fruition.

Band leader Michael Terrill has been making music ever since he was young. Music fascinates him, it speaks to him. Writing songs comes easily to him.

Yet sharing them is sometimes difficult. The urge to power through and share his passion came to him during a trip to Iceland and Northern Europe. He now even contributes to many musical projects for businesses and other musicians around Rochester, MN.

Interference shows Terrill’s growing abilities. He is a musician who is always learning and growing, as the intriguing concept of the album shows: he challenged himself to change the time signature of each song to see what effect it had.

The album was originally a bit gloomy until a moment of happenstance changed its entire feel: Terrill added a funky beat to one of the songs and it completely changed the direction. The rest of the songs followed suit and made Interference what it is today.

The first song, “Leave Us In the Dirt,” is a perfect introduction to this concept. It weaves in and out of explosive sound and soft, muted melodies that slightly change throughout the song. The vocals add to its swagger.

“Thursdays” and “Failure To Notice Relevance” feature Fire of Denmark’s trademark style of intricate layering and attention-grabbing atmospherics. The former has a fun and upbeat melody, while the latter stands out thanks to a synth-jazz feel. Terrill’s vocals flow through the songs in a soothing, melting sort of way.

“Either/Or” is a quiet, moody track with lyrics that could be felt a couple of ways. There could be a sting of sarcasm to lines like “I hope you find what you are looking for,” but Terrill insists that it’s hopeful. It’s meant to encourage the search.

Though the album has many layers lyrically, a main theme is escaping the present and letting mind and body get overcome with the listening experience.

But with the social justice movement rising up to fiery heights and taking a focal point, it no longer seems appropriate to check out and go numb. Instead, we can think of how our actions and attitudes can cause ripple effects with strangers and friends alike.

Interference can be perceived in a different way than perhaps originally intended. It can inspire us to learn more about people and the community, helping each of us to change for the better. Music can change our monotonous way of thinking and create a new thought pattern.

Written by Renee Jones

Writer, Photographer, and Editor at Music in Minnesota


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