MNCast Episode 25: Exx-r (63 1/2), Consider Me Phil, Lifted Mindz

Episode 25: Exx-r (63 1/2), Consider Me Phil, Lifted Mindz
Episode 25: Exx-r (63 1/2), Consider Me Phil, Lifted Mindz

Thank you everyone for getting us into an exciting brand new season of MNCast. Today we’ve got a great lineup to kick off Season 3 right with Episode 25, featuring Exx-r (63 1/2), Consider Me Phil and the great local hip-hop collective Lifted Mindz. It was a great episode to do, packed tight with great songs. You can check that out right here!

Additionally, on a new episode of Behind The Glass, Jimmy sat down with Optimystic, one of the minds behind the new album “Lifted Leakage III” from Lifted Mindz. They talk about the overall production behind the new release, including gear that was used, approaching an album as a collective of producers, and the whole creative approach that went into it. Overall a great conversation, which you can find here!


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MNCast is a podcast hosted by Jimmy Byrne and Dan Smith, two music professionals living and working in Minnesota. Together, they recognized how hard it can be to be "heard" in today's industry. With so much going on, new music being released every single day, and music blogs & local radio stations being flooded by new releases - it's no wonder so many people aren't getting airtime. After months of conversations and complaints to each other, they decided it was time to start something new. Since August 2017, MNCast has been dedicated to delivering what you missed in Minnesota Music right to your ears!

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