MNCast [Episode 23]: New View, Capital Sons, Everest

Jon Ehresmann from Everest talks their new album

Episode 23: New View, Capital Sons, Everest
Episode 23: New View, Capital Sons, Everest

Episode 23, our penultimate episode of Season 2 features some amazing new music from pop-punkers New View, some classic rock-driven tones out of Capital Sons and finally a song from a fresh new album by local band Everest.

Towards the end, Jon Ehresmann (Everest’s frontman and primary songwriter) joins us in the studio for an in-depth interview about their new album “Fort Road” — Take a listen now and hear it all for yourself!

Also this week comes episode 6 of The Arc – where Dan sits down to talk with Jon Ehresmann once again about his songwriting style, how The Beatles have heavily influenced him as a writer and some other technical aspects behind the songs he writes for Everest. Check it out here!

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Written by Anna Paulson


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