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ON THE RADAR: Major Days Release “The Things You Do” Single

Jam this new track from the St. Paul trio, Major Days, while it’s still ‘windows down’ weather.

Major Days That Thing You Do Minneapolis Music 2018

Major Days— The name probably doesn’t ring a bell, and that’s because there isn’t much that sounds quite like the trio from St. Paul, Minnesota. Composed of RickSoBreezy, Haylee Dee & Jae Graham, Major Days is intent on bringing back the classic era of popular RnB & Hip-Hop.

In October of 2017, the group cemented their place in the Twin Cities with the release of their self-titled and first project to date. The project was well anticipated after the group managed to accumulate over 30,000 combined views on just a few songs.

With a genre described as “anything and everything,” the trio effortlessly weaves their way throughout melodious hooks & well-crafted verses as each member finds their place without compensating an iota of skill. It’s really something.

Back after almost an entire year, the Major Days crew reminds us why they stand out from the local talent and add themselves to the forefront of the digital scene. “The Things You Do” is energetic, charismatic & something incredibly refreshing to hear in 2018.

Crafted by local producer, ODO, & engineered by Black Acres Studio, the song hits hard and finds a late 20th-century bossa nova groove. Major Days plan on releasing a full 7-song project titled, “Bloom” on September 28th. We’re excited to hear.


Written by Bo Weber

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