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Joe Hertler And The Rainbow Seekers Get Creative

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Lavishly-dressed Michigan band Joe Hertler & The Rainbow seekers talk with us about the recent happenings with the group. This Psychedelic Post-Motown Pop band makes their own costumes, including a get-up made of Birch bark (yes, tree bark) worn by his Saxophone player, Aaron Stinson. Joe comments on two of their music videos, including a video of him and his bandmates conning their way into the Michigan State Homecoming parade. He talks about his job (which he recently left), working with children and their education. A college drop-out, Joe has succeeded in making music his full time career. Watch our interview with Joe Hertler below.

Joe mentions that he enjoys performing festivals over regular touring. As music festivals continue to be popular with people of all ages, he explains how music festivals are “the modern escape of this generation”. “It’s just crazy. People are so happy to be at them.”

As an openly pro-marijuana supporter, Hertler reveals his song writing is at its best when sober. However, while they record in the studio and need to add some interesting pieces, he partakes in smoking weed in order to tackle his creation from a different perspective.

Hertler announces himself a fan of the new D’Angelo record named The Black Messiah. This 2014 album is D’ Angelo’s first record in over fifteen years. We also found one of Joe’s favorite movies is the Martin Luther King film, Selma.
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Being from Michigan, Joe also comments on the Detroit Lions controversial loss against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL play offs this year.

In a saturated entertainment industry, where thousands of bands are equally racing to stand out most, Joe gives those fellow artists some advice. “Try not to care about what other people think, and play hard. Your live shows really count. Do everything you can to engage and connect with people in your recordings, your regular life and shows. Music is a glorified form of communication and its purpose is to bring people together.”



Written by Bo Weber

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