Uncle Kracker Crazy Fun At Wild Greg’s Saloon

Wild Greg's Saloon, Uncle Kracker, Music In Minnesota
Uncle Kracker at Wild Greg's Saloon June 2,2019

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It’s my 1st time making it to the semi-new Wild Greg’s Saloon in Downtown Minneapolis. It was a fun, crazy, and busy place as Uncle Kracker filled Greg’s up for his sold-out show.

Erin Grand, Uncle Kracker, Music In Minnesota, Wild Greg's Saloon, Country
Erin Grand Kicking The Night Off For Uncle Kracker

Lucky for us, we got Erin Grand, The Midwest CMA’s 2018 Female Of The Year, to kick off the night. We got to hear her beautiful voice cover everything from a couple of original covers, to Miranda Lambert and Lady Gaga. Erin’s voice can go toe-t-toe with these ladies, although I didn’t care for the Lady Gaga Cover. It wasn’t Erin, I just don’t care for that song choice.

Muskogee Ridge, Uncle Kracker, Wild Greg's Saloon, Music On Minnesota
Florida’s Muskogee Ridge Opening Up For Uncle Kracker At Wild Greg’s Saloon Minneapolis

Muskogee Ridge from Pensacola, Florida was next to warm up the crowd! I had never heard of this little band before tonight, but if I was to judge them after the first song (“The Superman Song”), I would’ve left. After that, though, these guys rocked the place with a wide range of rock and country hits that had the crowd dancing! How can you go wrong when you do a great cover from George Strait?

Finally, it was Uncle Kracker’s turn to hit the stage and the party was just beginning, both on-stage and off-stage. Uncle Kracker and “Wild Greg” held a toast on the stage during the set as a few audience members hit their adult beverage way too hard. They were falling over, stumbling and generally being a pain in ass for the bouncers. Control your liquor consumption, people!

When Uncle Kracker hits the stage and it’s Saturday night, that means you know what the 1st song of the night is going to be. Uncle Kracker didn’t disappoint either, coming out blazing with “Nobody’s Sad On A Saturday Night“.

Uncle Kracker, Wild Greg's Saloon, Music In Minnesota
Uncle Kracker Singing To The Crowd During The Song Drift Away

The crowd (at capacity is approximately 800) was unbelievable, or at least unbelievably loud while singing the Dobie Gray Cover and Uncle Kracker hit song “Drift Away“.

The rest of the night consisted of the crowd loudly singing along to several more hits including “Good To Be Me” and his top hit “Follow Me“.

The night ended with my favorite song, “Smile,” and a great cover of Kid Rock’s “All Night Long“.

I haven’t seen Uncle Kracker since Toby Keith’s shut down several years ago. Uncle Kracker came across as more personable tonight and he definitely seemed to be having a ton of fun.

I was hesitant and yet hopeful that Wild Greg’s Saloon would be a decent place for live music, and they smashed it out of the park! The sound was good and the atmosphere was fantastic. The only downside is, when it’s crowded it’s tough to move. Just like most small clubs, space comes at a premium. If you hate crowded spaces, this isn’t the place for you. 

Written by Brett


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