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Top Five ‘Wild’ Tour Moments with Gully Boys and Gender Confetti

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Photo by – Kathleen Ambre

The Gully Boys and Gender Confetti finally returned home to the Twin Cities after a long tour filled with queer punk rock antics, playing an epic show at The Turf Club. Gully Boys drummer, Nadi, filled Music in Minnesota in on some hilarious tour highlights summarized below.

Turns out, Kathy is no longer allowed to drive the car, Elyse is a badass skater (Nadi not so much), nurses like punk rock too, and what about stick and poke tattoos in Manhattan traffic? Sure, why not.

1. Crashed Car in Chi Town and Cool Nurses Who Buy Merch

“Kathy crashed the car right as we were about to leave Chicago and let me tell you, an accident in Chicago is not what’s up. Police took forever to get to us. It was super minor for us, but the other car was not so pretty! We got it all handled, but because of the delay we missed our show in Detroit. We decided it was ok and everyone was really understanding. We spent our evening checking out a really cool DIY skate park in Detroit where Elyse really showed us how freaking amazing they are at skating.
Nadi at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital flaunting her Chinese

“I (Nadi) got really overconfident and ended up falling and hurting my ankle quite terribly. We zoomed to the ER where all six of us sat in a tiny room shoving our faces with Chinese food. I luckily didn’t break my ankle. While we were in our room a nurse came in and was asking about our band. The nurse ended up buying merch from both of the bands! It honestly was a highlight of the tour and we totally flipped what most people would consider a bad situation into a phenomenally funny time.”
The crew at DIY skatepark The Burlington Bar in Detroit (pre-sprained ankle)

2. Manhattan Traffic, Gyros, Eyebrow Piercings and Tattoos

“We made the rookie mistake of trying to drive through Manhattan during rush hour and what would have been a 1.5 hour drive took four hours! We made the best of it by writing a song together called ‘Tour Dad,’ dedicated to Elyse of Gender Confetti. Kathy ran out of the car and ordered three gyros and three falafel sandwiches and also got her eyebrow pierced. Sylvia popped out the car and got a smoothie and during all of that time we had only gone about 3 blocks.
Elyse from Gender Confetti showing off their stick and poke “Tour Dad” tattoo

“Elyse was driving and had mentioned that they wanted a stick and poke tattoo so we took advantage of the time we were given and Natalie gave Elyse a tattoo while they were driving. It was so wild to experience traffic at that caliber, but again we rolled with the punches and filled the car with laughter. We made it to our gig an hour late but everyone was really understanding and we still had a killer show.”

3. Sketchy Hotel and UFO’s in Baltimore

“In Baltimore, we had a weird-ass day. We locked all three sets of keys in the car and had to send Sylvia through the smallest window that we managed to get open to save us bc AAA was closed? The show was great but it was the hotel we stayed in that was extremely questionable! Natalie and I walked in and the receptionist was dead asleep. We tried to wake him up but it probably took a good seven minutes of us standing at the desk while he was sleeping, mouth open, belly snoring for him to finally get us all checked in. When we made it to the room, it was gross and weird but whatever, it was a bed.

“Nat went out to grab some clothes from the car and when she came back in the room her eyes were dilated and watering and her hair was wild. We were all like ‘omg nat what’s up?’ and she just says ‘I saw a UFO.’ She then starts drawing what she saw and it was crazy. She went on Reddit and wrote about her experience, but Baltimore was bonkers.”

4. Punching Waves at the Beach

“The next day we went to the beach and all swam in the ocean together. We had a picnic and made mix drinks and soaked up the sun. Nat, Kathy and I like became 9-year-olds in the water and just jumped around and punched the waves and could NOT stop laughing. Very wholesome moment.”

5. Turf Club Homecoming

“Lastly, our best memory to top things off was the Turf Club show. I don’t even have the words to process that yet because wow.”

Written by Kathleen Ambre

Photographer | Designer | Writer | Chronic Creator


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