Throwback Tuesday with REO, Styx, and Don Felder

201803 reo styx donfelder 08741
201803 reo styx donfelder 08741

As the snow melts in the north, people start coming out of hibernation. Everyone seems to be in a very good mood now that there is more daylight. To make things even better, a legendary concert presented itself to the Northland. REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Don Felder decided to captivate an already cheerful crowd.

Don Felder performing live in Duluth
Don Felder – Photo by Braden Doucette

Although the show was on a Tuesday, fans from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota quickly filled the arena. Many were eager to find out if these artists could still ‘give it all they got.’ Don Felder took to the stage and had the crowd’s attention after an excellent performance of the Eagles “Hotel California”. It was so well done that everyone in Amsoil gave the band a standing ovation. This was the opening act and the place was already rockin’.

REO Speedwagon – Photo by Braden Doucette
REO Speedwagon – Photo by Braden Doucette

To my surprise, the entire show was one of the most energetic performances I have seen from such seasoned veterans. You could tell they still had the same passion for the music they did when they first started. Between songs, REO mentioned they had been coming to Duluth for over 40 years. Lead vocalist Kevin Cronin even proudly stated, “We are living proof that rock and roll will keep you young forever”. Who can argue with that?

Styx – Photo by Braden Doucette
Styx – Photo by Braden Doucette

The best part of the show was seeing how many couples in the crowd were dancing with their partners as if they were 17 again. That’s what music is all about. It’s a time machine that connects you to the present, past, and everything in-between. When it comes to Styx, it goes without saying that everyone sang every word to every song. I didn’t see many fans sitting during their performance. I was amazed to see these fans engaging with the acts. When looking over crowds at shows today, one will usually see a wave of smartphones sticking up in the air. These fans were all about being present and really feeling the music.

Styx – Photo by Braden Doucette
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