The Wisemen Show: Creator of Stationary Astronauts, Nick McLaughlin [Episode 132]

Deep dive in to the mind of the Rochester mover and shaker, Nick McLaughlin.

Stationary Astronauts Gary Vee Nick McLaughlin Nikoli Zeppa

In episode 132, The Wisemen and Stationary Astronaut head out on a three-hour voyage!

The discussion was soaked in controversial topics that most media sources won’t touch, such as issues with local on-air personalities, whether or not it’s a “no-fly zone” for Drake and Lil Wayne, and the things that hold talented people back from success in Minnesota.
Pay close attention as Nick, Jake & Joe recant career highlights, debate sports, and even give an ode to a local hip-hop label.

Press play, enjoy and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Written by Music In MN


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