The Revivalists and Rayland Baxter Folk Rock The Palace

The Take Good Care Tour made a successful stop in St. Paul

David Shaw of The Revivalists, Photo by Travis Meier

Last updated on March 25th, 2019 at 02:30 am

Clarity is difficult to achieve, a blurred line that is almost impossible to figure out.

When it comes to clarity of sound during a show, bands vary greatly but normally hover around album quality. We all remember that band who was bad live, though. Who was yours? Mine was Matchbook Romance. The rhythm, lyrics, and tone were so off that it sounded like a crowd singing “Take Me Out to The Ball Game.”

Conversely, I have never seen or heard cleaner sound than The Revivalists.

The band swung by the St. Paul palace on their latest tour, Take Good Care, to promote their newest album (fittingly named Take Good Care). The Revivalists are an eight-piece alternative folk-rock group from the Big Easy, NOLA, Ol’ Swampy, or, in common parlance, New Orleans. The band is made up of Ed Williams (pedal steel guitar, guitar), David Shaw (lead vocals), Zack Feinberg (guitar), Rob Ingraham (saxophone), George Gekas (bass guitar), Andrew Campanelli and Paulet “PJ” Howard (drums, percussion), and Michael Girardot (keyboards, trumpet). They are a one-stop shop for sound and creativity.

Zack Feinberg, Andrew Campanelli, Paulet “PJ” Howard, and David Shaw of The Revivalists, Photo by Travis Meier

Before their set, though, was Rayland Baxter. He is a phenomenal alternative country artist from Nashville. He prepped the crowd for the Revivalists with a pleasant, upbeat acoustic set filled with hits off his latest album, Wide Awake.

Rayland Baxter, Photo by Travis Meier

The time between Rayland and the headliner was longer than normal. I eventually realized why: the amount of musical equipment for The Revivalists. Two drum sets, saxophone, and multiple guitars filled my peripherals. The show began with lead singer David Shaw running around the stage and standing on the guard rails to get everyone in the mood. His bold stage antics, along with his crisp singing voice made, made him a show of his own. His attention to interacting fills a void most shows lack and could greatly use. Their set, which included having some fun with a Bee Gees cover, came together like gumbo or jambalaya.

They kept their energy high for the encore. Flowing through their final songs eventually led to their hit single which helps gain notoriety and recognition They ended their set with “Wish I Knew You,” the hit single from their 2015 album Men Amongst Mountains. During the song, Shaw shared the spotlight, letting each band member show their talents and have a moment of goofiness. Only one word resided in my mind as I left the show: “fun.”

Rob Ingraham and David Shaw of The Revivalists, Photo by Travis Meier

The energy, sound, and talent of The Revivalists make them one of those bands that can easily entertain anyone. You will have a good time seeing them whether it’s your first or fiftieth time. You’ll certainly remember the clarity of their sound.


  1. You Said It All
  2. Bulletproof
  3. You and I
  4. Keep Going
  5. Change
  6. Amber
  7. Oh No
  8. All My Friends
  9. When I’m With You
  10. To Love Somebody (Bee Gees Cover)
  11. Got Love
  12. Celebration


  1. Future
  2. Criminal
  3. Gold to Glass
  4. Wish I knew You

Written by Travis Meier

Black coffee drinking traveling photojournalist based in NE Mpls!


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