Steven C plays a beautiful Christmas show at the Aster

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The night started off very elegantly at the Aster Café, where I was lucky enough to go and see the great Steven C perform some of his Christmas songs on a very beautiful rustic piano. The atmosphere was absolutely stunning, the mood was calm and intimate while the ambiance of the room was small and flashy. The cafe was decorated in low lighting with Christmas lights which were perfectly themed for the show. Everyone wore smiles and were very pleased to be there.

Along with Steven C, there was a wonderful woman gracing us with her angelic voice. Steven C also had a violinist, bassist, and a few other guests adding to the beauty of the music. He also had a great productionist in the background amplifying every wonderful tune, as well as adding old Christmas scenes in the background to go with the music.

Steven C was so enthused to have his wife and daughter in the audience. He spoke about writing a song about his family. He was kind enough to let his fans and audience experience such a lovely and personal piece, and I must say, it did not disappoint one bit.

He ended his night with a few thank yous to his friends and family in the audience and followed it up with an encore – playing a very cool version of “Silent Night”, that he said he wasn’t sure he’d do again next year. But, in my opinion, Steven – you should do it again every year!


Written by Anna Paulson


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