Saint Paul Welcomes The Acacia Strain On Their Two-Day Stay in Minnesota

Vincent Bennet of The Acacia Strain

Last updated on December 13th, 2021 at 01:57 pm

The Acacia Strain stopped in Saint Paul last night for a show filled with high-energy, stage diving, and performers giving it their all.

On their two-night stay in Minnesota, they performed on Sunday and Monday at The Amsterdam. During Sunday’s show, they played their album It Comes In Waves in its entirety and on Monday will be playing Wormwood.

Kublai Khan TX comes to Minnesota for a two-night show at The Amsterdam

Both of these albums are fast-paced and intense and being at shows like these always pumps me up with how involved the fans and performers are. All of the bands played well last night and had high energy, but Dying Wish really took the cake, giving 110% during the entire set. 

Dying Wish at The Amsterdam Night 1 of 2

Dying Wish was impressive and their music has a lot of complicated tempo changes and breakdowns that fit that metalcore vibe. Along with Dying Wish, Harm’s Way, Orthodox and Kublai Khan performed before The Acacia Strain ended the night.

Harm’s Way at The Amsterdam

Emma Boster, Dying Wish’s vocalist, had a huge smile on her face in between her powerful vocals. Thinking back on Harm’s Way’s set, the first thing that comes to mind is hair. Watching everyone headbang with long hair flying everywhere is fun and makes me want to grow my hair out just so I can headbang like the cool kids.

Orthodox night 1 of 2 on The Acacia Strain Tour

Orthodox captured the crowd’s attention and the circle pit in the middle got significantly bigger during their set. They released the single ‘Body & Soul‘ this year and I’m excited for what comes next. 

Kublai Khan TX at The Amsterdam

Kublai Khan also released a single this year called, ‘Resentment’ after putting out their last album in 2019. During their set, the moshing really set in and it felt like the floor was vibrating. Their set was exciting and I was looking forward to seeing them live for the first time.

Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain

Even though it was a long night and an even longer tour for the bands, the energy at The Amsterdam really stuck it out through Acacia’s set.

Acacia’s vocalist, Vincent Bennett, looks so intense on stage and it’s honestly hard not to keep your eyes on him while he performs. I appreciate his ferocity and how much it ties into their music.

The Acacia Strain performs in Minnesota two nights in a row

Every time I see The Acacia Strain it’s like the first time I heard their album Coma Witch. They draw you in and capture your attention and I can’t help but dance and absorb their energy. Leaving The Amsterdam, though very cold and windy, I also felt elated, excited, and absorbed the high energy that the performers put out. 

Written by Lauren Zimitsch

Twin-Cities based photographer focusing on color, experience, and storytelling. Find me on Instagram at @kylo_lau_ren and let me know what you think!


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