Lostboycrow Gets Intimate at 7th St Entry

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lostboycrow e1509480017347

Last updated on November 7th, 2017 at 04:03 pm

Stepping into 7th Street Entry for what was probably my 100th time, I was unsure of what to expect for the night. I have been a fan of Lostboycrow’s music for a few months now so I was extremely excited to experience this show in such an intimate venue. I usually research the opening acts before I go to a show just so I know what to expect. This time I decided not to so I would be in for a surprise. And a surprise is definitely what I got.

First up was Dysn. The crowd was pretty small at the beginning just like a lot of other shows sadly. I’m not sure why people decide to skip over opening acts because that’s typically how I find my new favorite artists. Although Dysn, also known as his birthname Kyle, wasn’t that talkative on stage, his fans and newcomers were able to vibe out to his music very well. Even for me, a photographer that rarely ever jams out to new bands at shows was seen by multiple crowd members jamming out behind my camera.


Dysn blessed the crowd with a brand new unreleased song that had everyone singing along learning the new song as time went on. Like I said before, Dysn was a man of very few words but he did crack a couple of jokes, one of which was before singing a song that he quoted as “hard to perform so bare with me”. Overall Dysn, you can guarantee you’ve gained a new listener after last night.

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You can never be sure how the crowd is going to react to openers or if anyone even knows who they are. I’m still not sure how many people knew who Prelow was but the entire crowd definitely loved them either way.


The second these two young men walked onto the stage, you could feel the good vibes swarming into 7th Street Entry. The love they had for the crowd was also insane. Matt and Jesse, the two members of Prelow, made sure that the crowd was able to feel the energy they had to give.

For any loyal Prelow fans out there, you can guarantee a new song coming out titled “Good People do Bad Things”. The love from these two men continued as they stopped playing music to talk to the crowd.

“Round of applause for Dysn and Lostboycrow. This tour has been insane. This show is so good. This crowd is so cool. Really makes me thankful to have such nice fans.”

Jesse, the lead singer, continued to talk about how much fun he was having. He then asked the crowd to sing along with them to their next song.

Now, for the man that the crowd was waiting for. Lostboycrow and his posse. He started out by saying “Thank you Minneapolis. Not sure if any of you remember my show from last year. It’s okay if you don’t. You’re here now. It’s cool to be on tour with Dysn and Prelow. Thank you.”

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Originating from the pacific northwest, Lostboycrow made sure his life was going to be full of R&B, pop, and electronic music that could speak to the listeners. The love of these types of music came from his high school years. He later moved to Los Angeles and did not stop no matter what. Within a year of living in Los Angeles, he released a couple of singles. One of which was “State You Want Me”. His newest song, “Verona” was released a couple of months ago in February 2017.

The second the first song came on, the crowd and Lostboycrow were dancing and singing. The room filled with love and this love didn’t leave until the last person left the venue. I honestly didn’t write down too many details for their performance because I was jamming out myself.

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The crowd started to cheer “daddy crow” and no one was quite sure where the chant came from. I later found out it was the one and only Dysn that started it. Either way, the crowd and everyone on stage had quite a laugh after that. The men left the stage without saying a single goodbye to the crowd which is when everyone started to chant “one more song!”.

They all stepped back out with smiles on their faces and played their last song where they added “Minnesota” into the chorus. Lostboycrow made sure to come out to greet his adoring fans and take insanely silly photos with them.

lostboycrow 2

Overall, Lostboycrow is unquestionably one of the most genuine artists I’ve met. I rarely think I would jump on a tour right then and there although last night was definitely one of those moments. Every single person on that tour team was hilarious and extremely polite. If you have not seen any of these bands/artists at a show yet, I would highly suggest doing so.

Written by Anna Paulson


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