Lola Kirke Turns 7th St Entry into a Dance Party

Opening for Alex Cameron and Roy Malloy, Kirke brings covers and originals

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Photo Credit: Emma Roden

From the minute Lola Kirke and Lilah Larson stepped onto the small 7th St Entry stage, the room began to glow with interest. These two came out sporting semi-matching outfits, with Lola in a floral dress and Lilah wearing the same pattern in shirt form. On top of the perfect matching outfits, their co-mingling voices during their cover of Ted Lucas’ “Baby Where You Are” was the definition of a perfect duet. This cover, plus the original song “Lights On,” both being released on Valentine’s Day this year, have already sparked a lot of interest from fans.

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Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Lola’s performance continued with a mixture of old and new songs, including “Born to Die” and a fun karaoke-style song to end her set. She even got Roy Molloy to enter the stage and play his saxophone during a song before his official set with Alex Cameron. Before Lola left the stage for the night, she made sure to crack some jokes about how bad seasonal depression must be in Minnesota, and mentioned that it was the reason she moved to Los Angeles. Even though Minneapolis may be extremely cold and dreary lately, the crowd at 7th St Entry last night made sure her first visit was one for the books.

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Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Next up was the two men of the hour, Alex Cameron and Roy Malloy. I could almost guarantee the entire crew on this tour had planned to have extremely iconic wardrobe choices, because both Alex and Roy came out in very nice suits.

I could by the way he entered the stage that Alex has a loud personality. The second he set foot onto the stage, he ran straight to the crowd with his arms wide open, almost looking to hug someone. Starting off the show with that type of energy sure helped him although I’m not sure he needed any help to make this crowd hyped up. By the third song of his set, the crowd was jumping up and down and basically singing every song, word-for-word. Alex made sure to play his classics like “Waiting For My Lover” and “Runnin’ Outta Luck,” although he wasn’t about to leave the crowd without playing a new song for us. As the new song started to play, Alex half jokingly told the crowd not to record it on their phones. Spoiler alert though: you can expect to hear this specific song in May of this year.

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Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Seeing Alex and Roy play in such an intimate venue, with just Roy’s saxophone and Alex’s vocals over the backup tracks, was such a pleasure. This was exactly how they started playing together. To honor that, they made sure to play “Take Care of Business,” which was their first record together.

If you take anything from this article, I hope it’s the idea to go buy tickets to see all of these hard-working artists live. These performances are something I never knew I needed to see, but now that I have I can honestly say I would repeat this night over and over again if I could.

Written by Anna Paulson


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