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Acoustic Night With Alpha Rev


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You Will Walk Away Wishing

You Could Stay Longer


Alpha Rev Interview


The sound of Alpha Rev connected many fans through their music on October 25th at the Fine Line Cafe. Casey McPherson is more than a musician, he is without a doubt a poet and there’s no denying his gifted talent! His distinctive voice plays into a feeling that seems like he would hold all the keys to the world’s unanswered questions. You would think striping down to play acoustic would make the band more mild, however it brought fourth a true rawness and a powerful presence in the building.

Yes, He Plays The Piano

Casey McPherson alpha rev live minneapolis review

At a young age Casey learned how to play the piano and he also taught himself how to play the guitar as a left handed musician. Watching Alpha Rev perform together acoustically was one of the best concerts I have seen. Brian Batch was on stage killing the violin as Dave Wiley played the cello brilliantly.

Alpha rev minneapolis sing loud music minnesota review concert

They played through a list of their best songs, like Lexington, with an ease of confidence. The crowd swayed back and forth as they listened to the newest hit song Sing Loud captivated them. The best part of the show wasn’t one song over another, however it was watching Alpha Rev as they entertained the audience without having to be anything more or less then themselves. It was downright magnificent and I am sure many would agree with me when I say “Alpha Rev is welcomed to Minnesota any time”.

Alpha Rev Live at The Fineline Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Written by Anna Paulson


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