Little Texas plays to rave reviews on Family Night at Buck Hill

Little Texas – Big Heart

Little Texas, Country, Music In Minnesota, Buck Hill

Last updated on July 18th, 2018 at 04:03 pm

What a complete flip of the script. Tuesday was rock night and the opening night at Buck Hill for their inaugural Concert Series. Little Texas came in tonight (Wednesday) for the second show, Country/Family Night, yet tonight rocked just as much as the night before, maybe even more.

Shalo Lee, Buck Hill, Country

Starting out the evening show was local gruop Shalo Lee Band. We’ll start out with this: sound problems. This was a recurring nightmare for the entire show. It wasn’t anything on Shalo Lee’s end, that we could tell, this was a fantastic band, a great combination of original songs to go along with quality covers. The song that pretty much ended their set turned out to be a cover of Charlie Daniel’s Band’s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” Unfortunately, The Devil showed his face in the form of something smoking on stage and knocking out the sound. Like a true professional, Marv Gohman kept playing until the sound finally popped back on.

Lost Highway, Country, Buck Hill

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen Lost Highway Minnesota Live. Not a lot has changed, they are still a fun group that combines original music with contemporary pop and classic country. For the most part it’s lead man Jesse Charles on the mic for the newer country, while Matt Schwake pulls duty on the classic stuff. Again, it seemed like the sound system was having problems, lead singer Jesse Charles didn’t sound the same today. Also during the set we saw more smoke and various sound problems, it just wasn’t a good night for that department. Hopefully, that gets fixed for the rest of the concert series.

Little Texas, Country, Buck Hill, Country Music, Concert

The fun truly began as Little Texas hit the stage. The sound improved in one way, no smoke or popping this time, although the vocals were tinny and a little muffled at times. The band made its way on stage and encouraged everyone to come up front, because this is a rock show. Quite a few fans did make their way up, although several stayed back, preferring to remain seated or stay with family.

This was a night that had way more energy than the night before. Loverboy was fun, but Little Texas was a lot more interactive. Take your choice: it could be the singing between the band and the crowd, the combination of original hits and rock classics, or the moment when Porter Howell worked his way through the crowd, playing his Guitar, taking pictures with fans. Howell didn’t just concentrate on the front of the stage. Nope, he worked the whole crowd. The crowd absolutely loved it.

Little Texas, Country, Buck Hill, Music
Porter Howell Roaming The Crowd At Buck Hill Family Night

Music? They played all their hits starting out with “Back On The Backroads”, “My Love,” “Kick A Little” and a fun cover of ZZ Top’s “Tush.” While these guys may not be on top of the charts anymore, one thing is for sure, they are absolutely on top of their game. A little sound problem mattered absolutely none to these guys. As their song says God Bless Texas, in this case, Little Texas.

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