Lil Baby & Blueface Bring Smoke and Lights to Myth

Lil Baby (Photo by Reid Bauman)

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:51 pm

Another night back at Myth: parking lots filled with the entire Twin Cities hip-hop community and a line stretching across the venue, past the tour buses, and into the Kohl’s parking lot across the street. Whoever said Minnesota was lame? It’s a good time.

Lil Baby crowd – Myth (Photo by Reid Bauman)

The room filled up quickly as usual – from the pit, to the balcony, to the VIP rooms. It’s rare that Myth is ever empty. Pizza was being served by the slice at the side of the stage. Something necessary, but, never seen at rap shows.

As usual, DJ’s kicked off the night of music with everything from Mobb Deep to Miley Cyrus. Interestingly, it works oddly well at these shows. Maybe hip-hop fans aren’t so tough after all?

Jordan Hollywood took the stage shortly after to play the next 30 minutes. Jordan had released a video with Lil Baby back in October, which currently has more than 17,000,000 views. (Dang.)

A single spotlight lit him up as he performed, only to finish off his set by taking apart his drummer’s kit as he played a quickly ending solo.

Blueface (Photo by Reid Bauman)

Yeah aight. This is the part where girls started crying, guys became jealous, and mysterious clouds of smoke rose from the crowd. The mood had changed so quickly you could’ve sworn Lil Baby came out early.

Blueface, baby. Laced up in gold shoes, a True Religion t-shirt and a diamond-encrusted Benjamin Franklin chain, Blueface had taken the stage. Mopping up the stage (literally) from left to right.

Blueface dropped hit after hit like “Respect My Crypn” to “Thotiana” and “Bleed It.” It’s rare to see the haters showing love, but somehow this guy did it, all while rocking a smile.

Blueface (Photo by Reid Bauman)

Next up, City Girls. Just kidding. For unknown reasons, the Lil Baby label mates had not appeared that night, and it quickly became apparent as the lights got darker, dancers swarmed the stage, and Baby himself walked out.

With everything from lasers, choreography, more girls crying and jealous dudes… Lil Baby rocked the night through an almost 20-track setlist.

Lil Baby’s Dancers (Photo by Reid Bauman)

It’s crazy to see how quickly some of these artists blow up and learn how to work a crowd seemingly overnight. With features on songs with Drake, Gunna, and Yung Thug already… There’s more Lil Baby in our future.

Lil Baby (Photo by Reid Bauman)

Written by Reid Bauman


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