LÉON by Katie Cudnowski

LÉON Ignites Fine Line With Captivating Soulfulness During “You And I” Tour

Lotta Lindgren, aka LÉON, arrived at Fine Line in Minneapolis on Tuesday night, an energetic cloud of soul and pleasure. From the moment she walked on stage the pure joy she radiated never left the room. 

LÉON at Fine Line
LÉON by Katie Cudnowski

LÉON is a Swedish soul-pop singer from Stockholm who came to fame after her self-produced single “Tired of Talking” went viral on SoundCloud in 2015. The You And I Tour is in promotion of her newly released, self-titled album.

Starting the night was Morgan Saint, who has also opened for lovelytheband. An edgy, dark, indie-pop opener, she’s been compared to the likes of Lorde and Broods, if that gives any indication of her style. Her closing song, “Just Friends,” was definitely her most popular, and is worth a listen.

Morgan Saint at Fine Line
Morgan Saint by Katie Cudnowski

A dreamy, boho vibe then took over the stage, complete with lamps, plants, rugs, a pink neon sign reading “LÉON,” and a freshly steeped cup of tea. LÉON came on stage and the intimate venue lit up.

She was stunningly beautiful, almost to a level where she didn’t seem real. She was, however, and her beauty didn’t stop there. She is one of those people whose presence comes across beautiful inside and out, cheesy as it sounds.

From her raspy voice and the way she laughed at her own jokes, to her awkwardly perfect dance moves, she was utterly relatable and totally captivating.

Fan favorites of the night were scattered throughout, including “Baby Don’t Talk”, “I Believe in Us”, “Think About You”, “Treasure”, and “You And I”. The crowd knew all the lyrics and enthusiastically sang along.

LÉON drinking tea
LÉON by Katie Cudnowski

LÉON broke up her set with interactions with the crowd, taking time to have a few sips of tea and tell stories that kept the audience engaged and unable to take their eyes off her. Flinging off her heels, she told the crowd she wanted to be comfortable and dance the rest of the night away.

At multiple points she came down the stage stairs directly in front of me and willingly offered herself up for some close-up shots while dancing with fans and making pointed connections.

LÉON up close
LÉON by Katie Cudnowski

During her song “Come Home to Me”, she began sitting cross-legged on the stage floor, but then hopped off the stage and walked through the crowd for the rest of the song. Everyone was silent and mesmerized.

LÉON engages with crowd at Fine Line
LÉON by Katie Cudnowski

Another notable song of the night was a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”. It was certainly reminiscent of the original, and hauntingly enchanting.

The night wrapped with an encore consisting of her hit “Tired of Talking”, which the crowd excitedly ate up, and “Surround Me”, the perfect ending.

LÉON gained a new fan in me last night. She’s energetic, fresh, and unafraid of who she is, and that’s more than enough for me.  


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