Kongos 1929 Tour comes through Minneapolis

Kongos Fine Line
Photos: Joshua Garcia

No one wants to brave the cold Minneapolis streets in January. However, Kongos fans seemed to set the weather aside to show up for their favorite South African American Alt-Rockers on their 1929 Tour, which is in support the brand new album. 

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Photos: Joshua Garcia

The dark and gloomy Fineline was brought to life as the opening notes of “I Am Not Me” shot through the venue. It seemed that everyone in the audience knew EVERY word to the song as they sang along. I was not expecting such a dedicated fanbase from Kongos, but a sense of camaraderie and unity brought us all together for an incredible show.

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Photos: Joshua Garcia

I was continually impressed by the musicianship of the entire band. Not only did they sound incredible, but it was so interesting to hear all of the subtle nuances that were added live and differed from the recorded versions. My favorite song of the night was “Something New.” It really showed off what Kongos is capable of.

It was amazing finally be able to see Kongos live. Being a long-time fan, I was upset when they seemed to always come through town whenever I wasn’t here. I was glad that they were able to show off songs from their entire discography. I felt like I didn’t miss a thing.

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Photos: Joshua Garcia

Kongos 1929 album brought a fresh new sound to their fans while still staying true to their roots. They were able to break ties with their label and write this record with sole creative freedom, and the result translated into an incredibly honest album full of beautiful artistic moments.

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Photos: Joshua Garcia

One of my favorite moments from the night was the encore, wherein they opened up with a great rendition of “Elenor Rigby.” It was very unexpected, but very well done.

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Photos: Joshua Garcia

I really hope to see Kongos on their next stop through Minneapolis, even if that means braving the cold again. Hope to see you all there!

Written by Joshua Garcia


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