Jordana returns to a much larger stage at First Avenue

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Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 08:23 pm

Jordana first graced the 7th Street Entry stage back on June 10th. If there’s any indication of how quickly she’s gained a larger following since the release of Face the Wallit’s in the opportunity to open for Local Natives on the First Avenue main stage less than 45 days later. What seemed like many fans didn’t know her music, it felt like many will leave with the intention to discover more.

Photo by Smouse

Jordana’s cozy, danceable bedroom pop has expertly progressed since her 2020 release, which we immediately heard in the start of her set with “Pressure Point.” Her shimmering guitar and flecks of electronic embellishes have deep seated 90’s influences. Imagine 90’s Liz Phair with a modern Clairo/Beabadoobee wrap. Jordana brings a part of the 90’s instant-classic indie pop sentiment into her music, garnished with coy flirtatiousness and witty heartbreak.

Photo by Smouse

It was after the 3rd song “Play Fair” that someone from the audience yelled out “You’re fucking good” that brought a smirk to Jordana’s face. She then slowed it down for “Summer’s Over.” Jordana’s presence on stage felt a bit shy to begin the set, but remarks from the audience dissolved some of that persona throughout the set. It’s true that fan engagement matters to a performer.

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We saw traces of this in “Go Slow”, where she did a little hand jive during the bridge. Just that motion and spark of a smile pulled the crowd in a bit more. “Go Slow” was the beginning of a long run of her more polished and powerful songs. Whatever shyness from the start of the set faded quickly. Her band hit their mark as well, supporting the final 4 songs with confident strength.

Photo by Smouse

“I Mean That” followed suit on the same high, bringing us into “Catch My Drift”, the most infectious song with wry and a hooky power-pop anthem. Vocally her strongest performance of the night, the bridge brought the crowd to applause, cheering how she pushed the energy of the song more and more.

Ending with “Why,” a song about anxiety, Jordana stopped to reach out and open the arms of Gumby on the microphone stand. Fixed into a why expression, she mimicked the figurine cleverly. These peeks into her personality only added to the robust ending of the song when she screamed on stage, grinding her guitar in release.

Photo by Smouse

Jordana is on a busy path forward with tour dates long into October in the US, then nabbing a coveted spot at the Pitchfork Music Festival in London in November. I can only imagine how much bigger the stage will be when she finally returns to Minnesota the next time around.

Photo by Smouse

See all the photos from the performance below.


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