Hollywood Undead Lip-Syncs & Maria Brink Showcases Her Vocal Prowess at Myth Live

Sunday night brought In This Moment & Hollywood Undead to Myth Live for a sold out performance that one won’t soon forget, for a few reasons….

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Last updated on November 15th, 2017 at 02:00 pm

If I had to sit down and try to come up with two bands that would fit together more awkwardly for a co-headlining tour across America, I would be hard-pressed to find a more puzzling grouping than In This Moment & Hollywood Undead.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Hey Justin, it isn’t that weird of a pairing! Their styles are similar, yet different enough, to make a compelling performance that will satisfy everyone’s needs each and every night.” And going into the performance, this was my general line of thinking as well.


However, what if I phrased it like this, “The most powerful female vocalist in Rock and Roll right now is currently on a co-headlining tour with a band who lip-syncs their choruses.” Would that change your opinion on the pairing? Because it certainly did for me.

I promised myself I was going to make this write up solely about In This Moment because I didn’t want to give Hollywood Undead any sort of press after the abysmal performance I witnessed on Sunday night, but, moods change, and I need to make everyone aware that if you are planning on going to a show on this tour, be forewarned that Hollywood Undead is lip-syncing all of their choruses.


How on earth Maria Brink, lead-singer and founder of In This Moment, who possesses one of the most powerful voices in today’s Rock/Metal scene, is OK with these absolute hacks, half singing/half mumbling through their verses, only to be assisted by a backing track when they get to their chorus, is baffling to me.

Their performance was a sham, and everyone who paid $40+ for their ticket to the show on Sunday night should have demanded at least half of that back, maybe even the full amount for being treated like fucking morons and having been forced to watch Hollywood Undead attempt to ride the fame their debut album got them over nine years ago.


Now, if you’ve gotten this far through this article, I commend you and will reward you with my take on the rest of the show, which, in short, was phenomenal.

When I say Maria Brink is the most powerful vocalist in Rock and Roll right now, which by the way I have already said three times, I am not lying. She commands the stage with ease, and while I was right in front of the stage taking these wonderful pictures you have been looking at, I could literally hear her clear as day over the microphone she was holding.


I’ll probably get flack for evening attempting to compare her to a man in the industry, but the only person I could even attempt to lump her in the same category with would be Cory Taylor. Very few people have the sheer power, let alone the vocal range that these two have, and it is truly something special to witness.

Definitely wait until this tour is over to see In This Moment, though, because Hollywood Undead sucks, and doesn’t deserve a dime of your money.

Written by Justin Bailey

Managing Editor & Social Media Admin for Music In Minnesota. Graduated Valedictorian of my class from IPR - College of Creative Arts with an A.A.S. in Music & Entertainment Business. ICON Award Winner. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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