Haerts Bring Home The New 80’s

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Columbia Records artist Haerts is known for making their listeners fall into a nostalgic state of being. “Nostalgic of what?”, you might be wondering. Well, the 80’s, but not just the 1980’s. A time when music was at a point in which some might call “its prime”. Vocalist Nini Fabi gave us a call to talk about where their musical influences stem from. *Cough Cough!* Cindy Lauper… Nini also talks about an accident that went down while on tour, involving a tow truck and Mikky Ekko’s drummer William Bowerman. Listen to the full interview below.

The band biography reads, “When we moved to America it was in the back of our minds that we would never come back,” explains Fabi, who grew up in Germany and has known Gebert since they were on a swim team together as teenagers. “People always say that when you come to New York, you need to have a plan or something lined up. We had nothing lined up. We just came here. We knew we needed to live here and make music. We both love it here and would live here regardless,” Gebert says, “but we wanted to be here in part because there was a lot of music that we liked being made here.”

New York had more than just music to offer. “We wanted to do music but we didn’t want to be in a place where that’s all there is,” Fabi explains. “It’s important that New York has all this different cultural influence.” That broad-spectrum culture was a reflection of what the pair was craving sonically. It wasn’t until the pair connected with Jean-Philip Grobler of St. Lucia that their creation began to grow.

Haerts “Wings”

Written by Bo Weber

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