Cole Swindell…Gives The Armory A Reason To Drink

Bro Country Alive And Well As Swindell Plays To Large Crowd

Cole Swindell, The Armory, Bro-Country, Country, Music In Minnesota
Cole Swindell At The Armory. Photo Credit Brett Fercho

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:51 pm

If you thought Bro-Country was dead, think again. Cole Swindell hit the stage at The Armory Thursday bringing Lauren Alaina and Dustin Lynch in support.

Lauren Alaina. The Armory, Country, Country Music
Lauren Alaina Opening Up For Cole Swindell At The Armory Minneapolis. Photo Credit:

Lauren Alaina kicked off the night starting out with a mix of Queen and her hit song “Georgia Peaches“. Alaina has a great stage presence to go along with that beautiful voice of hers. She was funny, charming and sassy as she pulled a member from the Audience to join her on stage during her song “Ex-Boyfriend”. Dancing with this poor guy, giving him a hard time and mocking him “you’re not dancing, you’re just staring at me”. That was definitely true, can’t really blame him though.

Dustin Lynch, Country, Country Music, Bro-Country, Music In Minnesota, The Armory
Dustin Lynch Singing To The Armory Crowd. Photo Credit: Brett Fercho

The crowd was more than happy to oblige with the name of the tour Reason To Drink(Another) as Dustin Lynch kicked off The Bro-Party with “Hell Of A Night“, “She Cranks My Tractor”, I’d Be Jealous Too”. It seemed at times that Lynch was the headliner pulling off more hits and definitely more of the ladies attention.

Lynch tried(And Missed) straying away from his Country set with a Cover of Blink 182’s “All The Small Things”. It was a valiant effort, it just didn’t work as I heard plenty of laughs and what the hell is this from everyone around me. Lynch came back rather nicely as he finished his set with the hit “Seein’ Red”. Great Recovery.

Cole Swindell, Country, Country Music, Bro-Country, The Armory, Music In Minnesota
Cole Swindell Engaging The Crowd. Photo Credit: Brett Fercho

Now, It’s Cole Swindell’s turn. Everyone has had their version of liquid courage. It seems like a good portion of the crowd found a reason to drink another and another and another. Let’s put it this way, on our way out to shoot(Photograph) Swindell every photographer got groped. We were laughing for the rest of the way up to the Soundboard.

As Cole Swindell started with “Let Me See Ya Girl” it seemed like the crowd just kind of relaxed and mellowed out for about the first half of his set. Granted his music isn’t generally considered to be on the rowdy side of Country Music. Still, plenty of good times for the crowd as they got to sing along to several hits including “Middle Of A Memory” and “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight”.

Cole Swindell, Country, Country Music, Bro-Country, The Armory, Music In Minnesota
Cole Swindell Up Close With The Fans. Photo Credit: Brett Fercho

Oddly enough the crowd got back into it as the ballad “Chillin’ It” came on along with a cover of Florida-Georgia Line’s “This Is How We Roll” in which he wrote for them.

The highlight of the night was definitely when he strutted out to his hit song “Flatliner feat Dierks Bentley” before bringing back both Lauren Alaina to sing “Man I Feel Like A Woman(A Shania Twain Cover)” and Dustin Lynch to sing “Ain’t Going Down(‘Til The Sun Comes Up)(Garth Brooks Cover).

Cole Swindell, The Armory, Music In Minnesota, Country, Country Music, Bro-Country
Cole Swindell Armory. Photo Credit: Brett Fercho

The last song of the night “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” ended the night on a high note, coming back on stage donning a #19 Vikings Jersey and bringing the man Adam Thielen out  to a ton of cheers, while paying tribute to all our Special Forces, Police and Firefighters noting Terrorism isn’t just across the Seas anymore, unfortunately, it’s a local problem too.

Is Cole Swindell ready to be the Headliner? That’s a such a tough call. On one hand, the night kinda started out flat, but the end of the night? As Dustin Lynch said That’s one hell of a night. We’ll chalk it up to a C grade with plenty of potential for the future. Not overly impressed, yet not disappointed either.

Dustin Lynch Setlist:

Hell Of A Night

She Cranks My Tractor

I’d Be Jealous Too

Name On It

Where It’s At

Mindreader(Drake Cover)

Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

Good Girl

All The Small Things(Blink 182 Cover)

Cowboys & Angels

Small Town Boy

Seein’ Red

Cole Swindell Setlist:

Let Me See Ya Girl

Love You Too Late

Sounded Good Last Night

Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

 Reason To Drink

Kiss/Middle Of A Memory

Stay Downtown

Both Sides Of The Mississippi

Breakup In The End

20 In A Chevy

Dad’s Old Number

You Should Be Here

Chillin’ It

This Is How We Roll(Florida Georgia Line Cover)


Man! I Feel Like A Woman featuring Lauren Alaina

Ain’t Goin’ Down(‘Til The Sun Comes Up) featuring Dustin Lynch

Ain’t Worth The Whiskey

Written by Brett


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