Cautious Clay takes the stage. Photo by Chris Kirihara.

Cautious Clay’s ‘Deadpan Love’ Cancelled My Super Bowl Plans

Last updated on February 19th, 2022 at 01:55 pm

And I regret nothing.

Cautious Clay held stop number three at Minneapolis’ Fine Line Music Cafe, and on Super Bowl Sunday nonetheless. We were glad to see the 2021 album, Deadpan Love, finally had its tour coming around.

Not only could I relive all my favorites from last year, but Cautious Clay also recently released 8 additional songs as a Deluxe version of the album with four new songs and four re-imagined.

Cautious Clay Fine Line 2022
Cautious Clay on Flute. Photo by Chris Kirihara.

The night started off with a half-hour opener from Orange Julius, led by one of Cautious Clay’s own composers, Julius Rodriguez. This 23-year-old is no stranger to the stage, as he’s toured with A$AP Rocky and attended Juilliard, but he shared that this is the first tour of his own, and Minneapolis made him feel right at home.

Fans were greeted with the tones of bright and vibrant jazz, and, just like that, the mood was set.

Orange Julius drums, Fine Line 2022.
Orange Julius slowing it down. Photo by Chris Kirihara.

Agreeable,” “Joshua Tree,” and “Dying in the Subtlety” began the set. With those three songs Cautious Clay was added to my list of artists who sound equally as good on record and live.

I’ll note that our singer wasn’t the only person belting lyrics tonight. The crowd brought their A-game, and many people seemed to know every song by heart. Well, except the four songs released two days prior (I’ll cut them some slack).

Cautious Clay Lets it Go
Cautious Clay pours it out. Photo by Chris Kirihara.

The show brought a great variety of both vocally and instrumentally. Our intro artist Julius Rodriguez, best known for his drumming, played alongside Cautious Clay on the keyboard and guitar.

Every instrument had its solo, as guitars, drums, flutes, and saxophones all got their spotlight. The Fine Line was made for an act like tonight, it was really a pleasure to see.

Cautious Clay's guitar solo at Fine Line, Minneapolis, 2022.
Lead guitar solo. Photo by Chris Kirihara.

Performances aside, let’s talk content for a moment. Cautious Clay’s Deadpan Love (2021) filled the Contemporary R&B hole in my daily playlist.

I can’t get enough of his vocals- they’re almost ethereal, and despite some heavy lyrical tones, the upbeat nature takes me away every time.

I’ll make this nice and easy. Below are my two favorites from the new album. If you like it, make sure to pass it along!

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Deadpan Love (Deluxe)

Written by Chris Kirihara


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