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  • Tyler Childers

    Tyler Childers Shares Stories and Songs at the Varsity

    It is thought that the world of country music is divided into two categories: singers and songwriters. Songwriters work hard to write songs that’ll capture the imagination of the public, and then singers make that a reality by delivering impressive performances. There is truth to this, as there are many talented writers making a living […] More

  • Ray Lamontagne

    Ray LaMontagne Brings Acoustic tour to Minneapolis

    Over the past few years, my music tastes have undergone a slight evolution. Where I used to listen to music primarily for the beats, rhythms, and energy, I now find myself listening for songwriting and structure. Though great songwriting can be found in nearly any genre, I’ve drifted to folk and Americana traditions more than […] More

  • Umphrey's McGee

    Umphrey’s McGee shreds all night at the Palace

    Some argue that the prog and jam scenes can be excessive and overindulgent. Long jams, complicated song structures, and improvisational excess can be the norm. As a longtime fan of these genres, I would agree that at times there is truth to this. One key then, for Prog and Jam bands, is to strike a […] More

  • Surlyfest Beer

    The Hold Steady and more play Surlyfest 2018

    Minnesotans have a lot to be proud of. Beautiful lakes. Sparkling summers. Hockey. As far as large American metropolis’ go, we’re often under-rated. The reasons for this are plentiful and could be expounded on for hours, but often the conversation boils down to a few things: the people, the culture, and the history. Minnesotans are, […] More

  • Greensky Bluegrass

    Greensky Bluegrass Push Boundaries at the Palace

    What comes to mind when you think of “bluegrass?” When confronted with that question, many think of straw hats, hoedowns and banjos. Perhaps the phrase conjures up images of godfather Bill Monroe, or the radio-friendly stars Mumford and Sons. There may be pieces of truth in some of these perceptions, but, as is the case […] More

  • in

    STS9 Lights up First Avenue on a Sunday

    Some say Sundays are for rest. Some say Sundays are for football. Many regard Sundays as a sacred religious day. It seems as if everybody has their own specific rituals and practices for the weekend’s (occasionally) underrated second day. I would bet, however, that if you were to take a poll of a large group […] More


    Revival Fest Kicks off Summer at Harmony Park

    Festival season. Two words that make any music fan smile. In the oft-cold State of Minnesota, festival season offers not only a chance to see your favorite bands, but a respite from the draining winter months. The official “start” of festival season is up for debate, but in recent years I’ve settled on a simple […] More

  • DSC 6866 2

    Loved ItLoved It


    David Byrne Captivates at the Orpheum

    Rock and roll has a history full of great artists. From the forefathers like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee to legends such as Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon to more contemporary heroes like Courtney Barnett and Kevin Parker, the genre is no stranger to visionaries of every variety. In rock’s storied history, however, there are […] More

  • Damien Jurado

    Damien Jurado Brings Songs, Surprises to the Entry

    Sometimes in life, we prepare to expect for the unexpected. Often though, we simply expect the expected. That is, after all, why it’s called the expected. It can be jarring then, when something truly unexpected happens, forcing you to cast aside your preconceived notions of whatever it was you were expecting. It is in these […] More

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