APRIL 1st: Whosah + The Millenium + Jon Chuck & The Class And More!


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Do you ever see an event come across your news feed and think, “Hey, that looks like fun!” You might click “Interested” or “Going”, but then when the date finally arrives, you give yourself any lame excuse as to why you don’t really feel like attending. “I’m too tired, I had a long day, I don’t have anyone to go with.”

Then, instead of having an amazing night, you’re stuck at home looking at all your friends posts of photos from the event, making you regret your terrible decision to be an unsocial homebody. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to take one giant LEAP out of your comfort zone and make your way down to THE GARAGE in Burnsville, MN this Friday, (April 1st) to jam out with the always enjoyable local artists, whosah, The Millenium, John Chuck & The Class, Candid KidCollin Johnson & Last Import!

Advance tickets- $10 | Day of show- $14 | Doors: 6:30
Ticket link-

Music In Minnesota will be there giving away tons of cool prizes!

Get to know these great artists!



Indie pop group, Whosah has sprung up as a familiar name in the Minneapolis music scene in what seems a matter of overnight. However, the guys will assure you they’ve been hard at work for much longer. If you’re like me, you might be hesitant to let just any unfamiliar artist take a swing at your eardrums, unless they were suggested from a trusted source. Let us be that reliable friend with excellent taste in music. Give their latest single a listen!

What sets Whosah apart from the rest? The answer is, everything. Comprised of brothers Dave Grimes, Spencer Grimes, Mackenzie Grimes and good friends Dallas Erdahl & Nate Flynn, the off-stage connection between the group is vacuum tight and their energetic personalities are nothing but infectious. Their live show isn’t just a couple guys who play a few songs, walk off stage, shake hands and go home. Whosah creates a personable experience for those who attend their events, sharing laughs with the crowd, keeping it loose and making their set feel like one big hang out session with awesome friends. The guys have also come up with some very unique merchandise items, such as their rad hand-made fanny packs! The boys are also conscious about their carbon footprint! In order to create less waste, they shop for their merch at thrift stores, then sew Whosah patches onto the apparel they have available for purchase. I love that!

The Millenium

The Millenium

The Millenium are a group of dudes I’ve known for many years. Despite their ups and downs, including numerous roster changes and break ups of previous projects, Kyle Culver, Kyle Featherstone & Matt Hasenmueller have been making up for lost time by touring relentlessly! They’ve come back for a homeland show and they are prepared to give you one of their most fine-tuned performances to date!
Check out their latest single “Stay”.

John Chuck & The Class

Jon Chuck & The Class

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with JC from the good-clean-fun rap duo, John Chuck & The Class and I’ve gotta say, they are two hilarious human beings. I checked out their most recent music video and was hooked on their style! They’ve recently launched a Kickstarter to help fund their album. I encourage you to check out their song “Business As Usual”.

To be honest, I don’t know much about Candid KidCollin JohnsonLast Import, but they’ve gotta be worth a listen if they’ve been asked to play on this event! Click on their names to give them each a fair listen! See you at the show!

Written by Bo Weber

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