Americans Win Gold, Thanks To Mandatory Music Playlist


American Female Gymnasts Rio Team 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are officially on in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Traveling over 4,000 miles, the United States brought fourth 555 athletes to go head-to-head against the greatest competitors from across the world. Although, the United States have already broken a record before the games even began, as 292 of our athletes are women this year.


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With the help of crowd favorite swimmer Michael Phelps, gymnast Simone Biles and their teamates, the US is pulling away with big numbers on the board. Yet, many say their advantage is hidden in the music.

Oddly enough, it has been reported that the entire US Team is required to listen to the same tailored Spotify playlist at least 2 hours before their event. We are warning you. It may not be at all what you are expecting.

Michael Phelps mad

We’ve done our research on these Top 25 inspiring songs, which have proven to thrust our American athletes toward reaching their highest physical abilities. Consider getting a leg up in the gym, running a 5k or simply feel motivated to clean up the house with this playlist we put together, here!

Written by Bo Weber

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