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Actress Jane Fonda Creates An Intimate Evening In Saint Paul

On a lovely Saturday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting The Ordway in Saint Paul for the first time for “An Evening with Jane Fonda: A Celebration of a Storied Career.” Cinema is a big passion of mine, so I took the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look from one of the most notable and iconic actresses of our time. No photography was allowed, so I got the chance to sit and enjoy the entire conversation.

Jane Fonda is versatile. She’s an actress, an activist, a fitness guru, and a model. Her most recent project, popular Netflix series Grace and Frankie, has been renewed for a sixth season. It finds her once again alongside her good friend Lily Tomlin (9 to 5, The Magic School Bus, I Heart Huckabees).

Fresh off of filming the sixth season of Grace and Frankie, Jane gave her fans an intimate, up close and personal experience to chat about her career. MPR’s Stephanie Curtis (senior producer of The Thread) served as the moderator, both to ask her own questions and those of the audience

One of the main questions prompted an in-depth conversation about Jane’s time filming On Golden Pond in 1981. She gave a detailed recollection of the very first time she met Katharine Hepburn (who played her mother in the film) and what it was like working with her father, Henry Fonda (12 Angry Men). Henry studied journalism at the University of Minnesota from 1923 to 1925, which gave a pleasant tie-in to her visit to Saint Paul.

Jane explained that Katharine Hepburn didn’t like her at first, but soon grew to be an important asset in helping her film with her father. She told humorous stories of Hepburn hiding in bushes in Jane’s eyesight to make sure her emotions would shine in every scene they were shooting.

Throughout the evening, Jane discussed her activism and her involvement in politics. Some of the organizations she supports include Planned Parenthood and Working America. She’s a strong voice for civil, environmental, and women’s rights, and has always used her celebrity status to give a voice to individuals who might not be heard. She’s also a strong voice for the Democratic party. At one point, she discussed her plans to help contribute to the 2020 campaign.

At 81 years old, Jane Fonda still has no plans of slowing down. Her impressive career is far from over.

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Written by Nickie Reynero


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