83 Wolfpack At The Hex

My Ears are still ringing but I want more

83 Wolfpack at the Hex 4 of 5
83 Wolfpack at the Hex 4 of 5

My head is swirling as I sit and ruminate on all that I just witnessed. The noisy fridge in my apartment barely beating out the one in my head.

Tonight was my first experience at the Hex and my first punk show in an embarrassingly long time, hopefully, it won’t be my last.

This is my first assignment with Music in Minnesota, and I picked this show in particular for the specific reason that I was unfamiliar with pretty much everything and everyone associated with it.

That is the way I wanted it. I wanted to go in with fresh unadulterated eyes and try to absorb all that I could. In an effort to help convince others who might be thinking, “is it worth it?” to go to one of these smaller shows.

Let’s answer that question first. Yes, It is 100% worth it, you should go.

On to the music.

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Black Sam Malone (BSM) at the Hexagon Bar 8/24/18 Photo by Jake Cobb

The show was kicked off by Minneapolis’s own Black Sam Malone (BSM). A four piece that combines low-fi garage rock, fuzzy squelching feedback, and manic punk energy into their own unique blend of sonic joy.

You might be asking yourself, “what does that actually amount to?”

Well, imagine Bikini Kill and The Orwells hopped up on caffeine, slipping in and out of a feedback loop and you’re about as close as you can get without just going to see them for yourself.

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Two Houses at the Hexagon Bar 8/24/18 Photo by Jake Cobb

Next up was Two Houses who had come in from Chicago for this show. These ultra-high energy indie rockers did not disappoint and did there damndest to steal the show.

They had so much energy the stage could barely contain them. The lead guitarist proving that point by leaving the stage for a moment to jam a few chords in the crowd and bang on a floor tom that was waiting for the next band early on in their set.

And then near the end of their set, he rocked his own socks off, losing a shoe after a mighty leap across the stage, hitting the ground and rolling back, all without missing a beat.

With songs like “10 Things, I Hate About Youtube ” verging on, dare I say anthemic and enough energy to raise the dead they brilliantly shifted the night into a higher gear.

Picking up where Two Houses left of was Seattle based, Acid Teeth.

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Acid Teeth at the Hexagon Bar 8/24/18 Photo by Jake Cobb

If you are a lover of speedy, thrashy, pull no punches punk bands like Total Chaos, The Exploited, and G.B.H. then you will find yourself right at home with Acid Teeth.

Combining a dual guitar assault, thick bass and rock solid drumming Acid Teeth carried the show to the next level.

I really enjoyed the elements of their sound that made me think of old school AFI in some areas.

Or like with their song “X-Ray Glasses” the opening wail of guitar feedback builds into this rolling bass and drum line that I found reminiscent of songs like “London Dungeon” From the Misfits.

After Acid Teeth had flown like a buzzsaw through their set it was time for our headliners 83 Wolfpack.

Just in case you decide now is the time where you are going to get bored and wander off into the internet, I urge you to heed this message.



83 Wolfpack at the Hex 5 of 5
83 Wolfpack at the Hexagon Bar 8/24/18 Photo by Jake Cobb

83 Wolfpack might not be the most well known at the moment but after what I saw there is no way that is going to remain the case.

And boy are you going to be sad when they get so big you can’t see them in little spots like the Hex anymore.

I was blown away by their energy and the sheer force of their sound together. They are a tight ferocious bunch that matches catchy pop lyrical tones with breakneck punk energy.

A prime example of this is their song “Better than this” which rockets out of the gate with an intro that made me think of the Bad Brains song, “Banned in DC” with is pace and tone.

Kelly Englund and Rachel Feldmann trade lyrical harmonies back and forth over their snappy frantic guitar and bass riffs while Logan Stang holds the tempo on the drums.

Speaking of Logan, that man is a monster behind his kit, combining wild intensity with lockstep rhythm. He absolutely beats the living hell out of those drums at a dizzying speed.

That is one of the first things you can’t help but notice as 83 Wolfpack starts their set, these folks play HARD. You see people who can play fast often and you see people who play hard. But to see both at the same time was a sight to behold.

83 Wolfpack at the Hex 4 of 5
Rachel Feldmann of 83 Wolfpack at the Hexagon Bar 8/24/18 Photo by Jake Cobb

The trio ripped through their set at a blistering pace, enough to leave the whole room with friction burns.

Once it was over I wanted to check and make sure everyone was alright.

Somebody get these guys a Gatorade and a Snickers, I am chaffing over here in the strangest of places and I want to hear more!

As we were all milling around while the band broke down their gear one of the guys in the crowd came up to me and asked about Wolfpack merch. I told him that they had mentioned during their set that they didn’t have any.

Befuddled and brokenhearted this guy says. “Oh man… I really feel like I need to give them my money, that was amazing!” I told him that he totally should if he wanted to.

I found out after chatting with Rachel for a min in the parking lot that the guy had indeed given her 20 bucks.

Now tell me the last time you went to a free show and were so impressed that you made a point to straight up give one of the members of the headlining band 20 bucks cash?

Exactly, that is why you should do yourself a favor and get out and see the magnificent 83 Wolfpack for yourself.

And make sure you bring some spending money, you will be happy that you did.

Written by Jake Cobb

My Name's Jake, I am the owner of Workhorse Photography based in Minneapolis Minnesota. When I am not shooting and writing for Music In Minnesota I am working on my business where I specialize in Fine Art Boudoir, Portraiture and Documentary photography.


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