ZZ Top Celebrates Year 50 At The Minnesota State Fair

ZZ Top, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Minnesota State Fair, Music In Minnesota
ZZ Top 50th Anniversary Tour At The Minnesota State Fair Sept 2,2019

ZZ Top brought their 50th Anniversary Tour from Texas to the Minnesota State Fair! Along for the ride was Cheap Trick, rounding out a classic, hall-of-fame dual bill to end the Grand Stand Season.

Cheap Trick, Music In Minnesota, Rock, Classic Rock
Cheap Trick Warmed The Crowd Up For ZZ Top At The Minnesota State Fair September 2, 2019

Cheap Trick started the evening with energy and a unique setlist that didn’t feature just the hits, it dug deep with several non-mainstream songs that included “Downed” and a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “I’m Waiting For The Man.”

Robin Zander, Cheap Trick, Music In Minnesota, Minnesota State Fair, Rock, Classic Rock
Photo Cred: Brett Fercho

Cheap Trick’s second half of their 60-minute set consisted of the hits everyone has come to know and love, including “Dream Police,” “Surrender” and the classic rock staple “I Want You To Want Me,” wherein Robin Zander’s voice seemed to get away from him on a couple of notes.

ZZ Top, Rock, Classic Rock, Music In Minnesota, Minnesota State Fair
Photo Cred: Brett Fercho

Everyone knows the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas,” well that myth got quashed twice tonight! The first instance occurred when the Lil’ Ol’ Boys, from Illinois, showcased energy that headliner ZZ Top only wishes they had! 

The second was in the numbers. The Little Ol’ Band from Texas came to the Minnesota State Fair, a celebration which comes close to the attendance total of the Texas State Fair, but accomplishes the feat in half as many days.

ZZ Top, Rock, Classic Rock, Music In Minnesota, Minnesota State Fair
Photo Cred: Brett Fercho

The Texas trio pretty much ran through the same routine and the same setlist they did just a little over one year ago outdoors at Treasure Island! Check out last year’s review here.

Yes, the same routine, the same setlist, and, fortunately for everyone, the same fire blazing guitar work of Billy Gibbons. While Gibbons’ voice isn’t what it used to be, the guitar playing never ceases to amaze, especially on “Jesus Just Left Chicago.”

The parts that stood out most tonight, however, belonged to Dusty Hill on the rendition of “Tush” and the bluesy “La Grange.”

ZZ Top, Classic Rock, Rock, Music In Minnesota, Minnesota State Fair

The show started on a high note, ended on a high note, everything else in between just seemed like filler, especially the video hits of the ’80s. The trio showed so little emotion that two songs featured the hit videos in the background. If you have to have the video on in the background, it just might be time to retire the song.

On the last day of the Minnesota State Fair, Cheap Trick kept a couple of tricks for themselves. ZZ Top, on year 50, kept it the ol’ tried and true. Hopefully ZZ Top comes back for year 51, and hopefully they freshen the act up.

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