Photo by Hayley Arnold

Tyler Creates a Vibe at the Armory

Goldlink set the good vibes early on, the momentum didn’t slow down from there. Although each artist had a very different vibe, they all well worked together to create a night full of emotions, dancing, and, of course, moshing. 

Photo by Hayley Arnold

Jaden brought the heat with a perfect combination of high energy and low energy songs. I have never seen anyone transition so seamlessly between hyping up the crowd and serenading them with soft songs. 

In one song, Jaden would be causing a mosh, then the next song he would be playing guitar and singing his heart out. Everyone in the crowd was just as surprised as I was, considering this was only his 3rd time playing guitar on stage. 

Although Jaden brought some unique energy, there is just nothing that can compare to Tyler the Creator and the fan base he has created. 

He wasted no time getting the party started in his lime green ensemble. His vocals and stage presence were on point, as expected, but his dance moves may have been the best part of his performance.

Tyler, the Creator
Photo by Hayley Arnold

His killer moves reminded me of someone dancing alone in front of their mirror before a big date. Needless to say, he was killing it.

Golfwang has created such an intensely passionate group of followers, and it was amazing to see the spark that Tyler brought into the eyes of everyone there. 

Tyler, the Creator
Photo by Hayley Arnold

If you’ve never been to a Tyler the Creator concert before, I recommend you start planning to make it to the next one. Between his awkward rants, unbelievable dance moves and his raging energy there is no way you could be disappointed. 

Written by Anna Paulson


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