Trippie Redd Kicks Off New Tour at The Armory

Supporting acts Iann Dior and Sofaygo joined Trippie Redd on his visit to The Armory, the first date of his new Tour, Tripp at Knight.

A Minnesota Fan Favorite

Trippie Redd has apparently been a fan of Minnesota for awhile now, as he has made the trip for his last 3 tours. At each show, he makes sure to profess his love for the state and the crowd it always brings. However, it had been almost a year and a half since Minnesota had seen Trippie (no thanks to COVID-19) and it felt great to have him back (albeit with a much larger crowd this time around).

Shot by Andrew Qualley

Iann Dior, another artist who had traveled to Minnesota to perform pre-COVID, returned as well. Dior himself has become quite a star since then, racking up numerous hits and even a number 1 Billboard spot since his last visit. In fact, both he and Trippie have made themselves quite comfortable on the Billboard charts as of late. Dior was full of energy, and was a great warm-up act for the crowd at The Armory.

Nobody Performs Quite like Trippie

No one has a stage presence quite like Trippie Redd. Almost always shoeless, the rapper is almost always seen performing in socks (comfort over style, I guess). Notoriously known for smoking heavily while on stage, Trippie lit probably 4-6 joints of paraphernalia throughout his show. “Performance-enhancing drugs”, as they say. Mosh pits are also quite common, as are people being pulled from the crowd every 10 minutes. Trippie fans sure love to rage.

Shot by Andrew Qualley

His new album, titled Trip at Knight (yes, same as the tour except with one less “p”), was released on August 20th and is the focal point of his setlist. From the new album, he played notable tracks like Holy Smokes, Miss the Rage, and Betrayal. However, his catalogue is quite deep these days, and he managed to pepper in some fan-favorites from the past as well, including Dark Knight Dummo, the Travis Scott-assisted mega-hit, and Grinch. If there was ever a song to incite a mosh pit, it would be Grinch.

Come Back Soon, Trippie

It was an adrenaline-filled night for Trippie fans, and it was great having him back in Minnesota. Hopefully Trippie fans won’t have to “Miss the Rage” for long, at least until his next visit!

Written by Rees Winga


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