The Cult takes over The Palace

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When I was asked to describe The Cult to someone who never heard them, I was suddenly at a loss for words.

Yes, they are heavy rock n’ roll, but they are also so much more. Goth, punk, and metal all come to mind. They are one of those bands that can’t get locked into a particular genre. They rose in the height of the hair metal bands, but they had more depth than all of the ones that faded away in spandex, hairspray, and lipstick hell.

The Palace Theater was the perfect venue for The Cult. It even seems a little gothic, which added to the ambiance of the music itself.

Ian Astbury has one of the most powerful voices in rock and roll. I know people will disagree with me when I compare him to the late Ronnie James Dio, but like Dio, Astbury has one of those voices that is instantly recognizable.

The Cult

The show kicked off with “Rise,” and I was immediately reminded that guitarist Billy Duffy, like Astbury, is immediately recognizable by his sound and style. His guitar technique is what set The Cult apart from the era in which they began. Easily one of the most underrated guitars of all time, Duffy played hard and loud, beating the strings on every note.

Billy Duffy

Drummer John Tempesta’s thunderous intro to “Sun King” filled the chests of the theater, as Grant Fitzpatrick and Damon Fox continued the musical onslaught as Ian sang, “this is where it all ends.”

Throughout the show, as they cranked out hit after hit, The Cult proved just how much they transcend other popular bands of their era.

Set List


Sun King

Automatic Blues

Sweet Soul Sister

Soul Asylum

Edie (Ciao Baby)

Give Me Mercy

Wild Flower

Fire Woman



She Sells Sanctuary


Love Removal Machine

Written by Richard Dollarhide

Photographer, Photojournalist, Executive Chef and Full Time Artist


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