First Avenue was Positively Frothing for Sofi Tukker

Photo by Ben Allen

Last updated on June 15th, 2022 at 04:01 pm

Part circus, part rave, part birthday party at the roller rink, part fitness class – the live Sofi Tukker experience is all this and more. 

Mary Droppinz, a DJ/producer from Nebraska, began the evening. Despite her midwest background, she sounded like she belonged in Chicago or New York clubs in the early 90s, which is a very good thing.

One great aspect of electronic music shows is the gapless transition from one performer to the next. One song flows into the next. Mary seamlessly flowed into LP Giobbi, one of the darlingest of darlings of the quarantine streamers. 

Photo by Ben Allen

Sporting a Grateful Dead t-shirt, LP Giobbi kept the hype high with her piano-driven house magic. She carried the crowd through a too-fast hour with her vocal-heavy, piano at the wheel, driving at 4/4 speed.

Photo by Ben Allen

Sofi Tukker was scheduled to start at 9:45, so when the curtain rolled up at 7:30, I made my way up front to find a completely different crew onstage.  

Four people popped up on stage, dancing fiercely in a coordinated attack. Sofi Tukker understands the advantage of smooth transitions at electronic shows, so rather than allow a music-less gap to go by while the stage crew set up their stuff, they brought the dance crew out to keep the energy up. 

Photo by Ben Allen

Finally, Sofi Tukker’s gear was uncovered and lit up, and the duo took the stage to A LOT of fanfare. They were visibly surprised at the energy from the crowd. 

Photo by Ben Allen

Their second song was “Best Friend” and they asked for a little help from the crowd on the call and response part between Tucker’s “Do you want to meet me in the West?” calls and Sophie’s (or is it NERVO?)’s ya/ya/ya/okay responses. And help the crowd did, with each response crisp, on time, and most importantly very loud. 

Photo by Ben Allen

The dance crew returned to the stage after a few songs, changed into outfits matching Tucker’s tennis outfit, and pushed the already energetic show into new territory of hype. 

Photo by Ben Allen

It was great to finally see the people that helped a lot of us get through quarantine. Music really helped my partner and I get through that rough patch, so it was nice to finally be able to give back in person.

If you get a chance to see Sofi Tukker, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo by Ben Allen

Written by Ben Allen

I tell the story of the energy transfer between people who play music and that music's listeners. I photograph and write about festivals and concerts, which I've attended for three decades. I'm also the tall guy you probably got stuck behind at a show. First concert: Nirvana at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Dec 1993. Yes, I am old. Tall and old.


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