Lord Huron and Trampled by Turtles Fans Devour Grandstand

Lissie, Lord Huron, and Trampled By Turtles Sellout MN State Fair Grandstand

Photo: Travis Meier

It’s the most popular time of year again in Minnesota and fall is slowly approaching. Summer is not complete without a visit to the famous great Minnesota get together (sweat together, smell together, or whatever).

That means births which make you question your next meal decision, some of the best people watching outside of space, and countless things on sticks, including music, ironically enough.

On Saturday was The Current state fair sponsored show with up and comers Lissie and Lord Huron opening for Minnesotian folk heroes and fair regulars Trampled by Turtles (TBT) headlining.

The grandstand had a sellout crowd of equal proportions of Lord Huron and TBT fans. In Lord Huron’s case, it was the first night they met the State Fair.

Photo: Travis Meier – Trampled by Turtles

Lord Huron‘s name and sound stemmed from the shores of Lake Huron. Founder and lead singer Ben Schneider would spend his summers on the lake playing music around a campfire. Ben continued to play through college, and eventually started this band as an independent project.

He recorded the band’s first album (Formation) entirely on his own. Slowly starting to add members to help him play live shows, many are childhood friends.

Photo: Travis Meier – Lord Huron bass player Miguel Briseño

Since their freshman album, Lord Huron have released 3 more. Their latest is Vide Noir (2018). The band is best well known for its hit “The Night We Met” off Strange Trails. It was made popular by the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

The song was certified platinum in February 2018. In addition to that individual song, they have a laundry list of songs featured on shows across multiple networks. You have heard their stuff more than you think!

Photo: Travis Meier – Lord Huron lead singer Ben Schneider

With that advantage, Lord Huron took the stage feeling the love from the Minnesota state fair. They mesmerized the crowd with their indie folk sound, warming them up for what was a hot night musically and physically. Keeping the crowd dancing, TBT came on with the folk sound we love and finished off the night.

Photo: Travis Meier – Trampled by Turtles lead singer Dave Simonett

By the end of Saturday night all 3 bands, some virgins to the state fair, got to experience the great get together of Minnesota. Hopefully, it is remembered by them as the night they met the sweatiest crowd of Minnesotans.

Photo: Travis Meier – Lord Huron


Written by Travis Meier

Black coffee drinking traveling photojournalist based in NE Mpls!


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