Lindsey Stirling brings Great Joy to the Ledge

Photo by Richard Berg

Last updated on September 1st, 2023 at 04:27 pm

Lindsey Stirling brought a stunning violin and dance performance to the Ledge Amphitheater in central Minnesota Tuesday night.

Violinist dressed in purple playing and smiling on stage
Photo by Richard Berg

To my understanding, it was a sold-out show, and standing-room-only tickets were sold. I also believe it was one of the biggest shows to happen at the Ledge since it opened, and on one of the hottest and muggy days of summer to boot.

Violinist and dancers on stage performing choreographed moves, backlit by spotlights
Photo by Richard Berg

Yet Stirling and her team went all in and gave a tremendous show with so much energy for the audience to enjoy. Filled with choreographed violin performances, different outfit changes, and great acrobatics, the night had something for everyone.

Violinist on stage, dressed in purple, playing and dancing while backlit by spotlights. Her hair in a ponytail is suspended in the air behind her from movement.
Photo by Richard Berg

Stirling wears her heart on her sleeve and makes you feel and believe she is there for the audience. She always takes time to talk to the crowd and has great things to say. I was inspired by her performance and found her music soothing and touching.

Violinist on stage, smiling and bending down on one knee to engage with fans.
Photo by Richard Berg

It was my first time at the Ledge, and I had a great experience at the venue. It is 100% handicap accessible and surrounded by fantastic scenery. I would definitely recommend it for any future concert.

Violinist on stage, lit from the front, her head tilted back in a playing pose
Photo by Richard Berg

Written by Richard Berg II


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