Photo by Allie Garrigan.

Jon Bellion Leaves Minnesota Fans Feeling an All Time High

Unsurprisingly, Jon Bellion draws a big crowd.

The Armory was packed by 6:00, an hour before showtime. They chanted and cheered for anybody who walked by the stage, even the gentleman who was setting it up.

Jon Bellion in Minnesota
Minnesota Crowd for Jon Bellion – Photo by Allie Garrigan

Then, exactly at 7:00, the house lights went off and the crowd erupted.

The brother-sister duo Lawrence took the stage first. Unfortunately one of the members, Clyde, wasn’t able to make it because he was working on the score for an upcoming movie. All was not lost, however, as Devon from the Lohai Band accompanied Gracie onstage.

They put on an amazing show. The energy in the room was palpable when Gracie hit her high notes. Their set, which included their songs “Shot,” “Alibi,” “Make a Move,” and more, ended with an audible “aww” from the crowd when Lawrence mentioned that they only had time for one more song.

Something cool that Gracie mentioned: they are the first band signed to Jon Bellion’s new record label, Beautiful Mind Records.

Lawrence the band
Lawrence – Photo by @Methodman13

Marc E. Bassy followed. He definitely kept the energy in the building up for Jon Bellion, performing many songs from his new album Postmodern Depression. He also performed his platinum breakthrough single “You and Me,” featuring G-Eazy, which fans loved and sang along with. 

Marc E. Bassy
Marc E. Bassy – Photo by @Allylovesit

During his last song, everyone in the Armory brought their flashlights out on their phone and started swaying to the music. When it was over, he said that it felt like he was at a Drake concert, mentioning how surreal it felt in that moment.

Jon Bellion at The Armory in Minnesota on July 28th
Jon Bellion – Photo by Allie Garrigan

After a short break, Bellion entered the stage to deafening cheers. 

His set was filled with energy, and you could tell he was giving it his all. The hour-plus performance included favorites like “Blu,” “Conversations with my Wife,” “Stupid Deep,” “Guillotine,” and, of course, “All Time Low.” He also played a handful of other songs, many of which the crowd easily sang along with.

I came into this show with high expectations. Many people told me that Jon Bellion was one of the best performers they had seen live. Even so, my expectations were blown out of the water. Jon’s talent and emotion really shone through.

Jon Bellion at The Armory in Minnesota on July 28th
Jon Bellion – Photo by Allie Garrigan

Highlights of the Night.

  • In-between songs, Jon talked about starting his own record label, Beautiful Mind Records. While he was chatting about this new label, he said: “This industry cant take a piece of me, it’s because of everyone here and my fans that I am able to do what I do.”
  • Another memorable moment was when he said, “Everyone here needs to recognize that, for this show to be possible, it is thanks to well over 200 people, staff, security, janitors and more.” It seemed that his goal throughout the show was to make everyone at the Armory have a feeling of purpose.
  • Another fun moment was when Jon beatboxed and challenge the band to copy the beat that he was making. Props to the band, because they were sure able to execute.
  • At one point, Jon also made everyone turn to their neighbors in the audience and give each other a high five (which everyone did), truly making everyone feel included.
  • And finally, to conclude the show, everyone got what they chanted for: an encore. Jon came back out to perform two more songs, “Woke the**** Up” and a personal favorite of mine, “Good Things Fall Apart.” 

Written by Andrew Qualley


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