Cody Jinks Brings His Outlaw Country To First Ave

Cody Jinks, Outlaw Country, Country. First Ave

I’ve been trying to see Cody Jinks for a few years now, I finally got that chance at the Iconic First Ave.  Cody hit First Ave this time for the second of his back-to-back sellouts. That’s not exactly an easy task to do, especially considering day 2 fell on a Sunday.

Tennessee Jet, TJ McFarland, Country, First Ave
Tennessee Jet Warming Up The First Ave Crowd

Warming up the audience(that didn’t need warming up) was TJ McFarland’s alter ego Tennessee Jet coming in solo. This wasn’t exactly a solo show and definitely not just an Acoustic Set! Have you ever seen a one-man band switch between The Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar all the while banging the hell out of a drum?

That’s what I just witnessed and entertaining it was! I could swear I heard him do a Rage Against The Machine Cover(I’m not positive as the sound was muffled from being backstage). The Jet also came back on stage to play a few songs with Mr. Jinks. including the new single and Waylon Jennings Cover “Waymore’s Blues” featuring Cody Jinks.

Cody Jinks, Outlaw Country, Country, First Ave

This is what the sellout crowd was waiting for, absolutely amazing as the crowd sang with Cody Jinks from the first song “Must Be The Whiskey” from his current Album Lifers and throughout the rest of the night!

Trying to describe Jinks music in it’s simplest form would be in the form of A Hell-Raising Outlaw Country, That would diminish the other sides as you could throw in a touch of Skynrd, Montgomery Gentry and of course Hank Williams Jr. Oh, and in case you didn’t know Cody Jinks sang thrash metal before turning to Country in a Band called Unchecked Aggression.

Cody Jinks, Outlaw Country, Country, First Ave

The fans can relate to Cody as he commands the stage and everyone just eats it up! From the grizzled beard, hat, and sunglasses to all the songs that relate towards the working man. They may not get much if any airplay, that doesn’t matter much as he’s struck a chord with the everyday crowd(The Lifers).

If you want to see one of the best shows that don’t have all the lasers and such go see Cody Jinks live! It’s a no frill, beer drinking and whiskey chasing good time where most people can relate not only to the band but also the music. It’s music about the ups and downs of everyone’s lives.


Written by Brett


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