Christopher Cross Comes To Treasure Island Celebrating 40 Years

Christopher Cross, Yacht Rock, Treasure Island, Rock
Christopher Cross 40 Year Celebration at Treasure Island Saturday Oct. 16,2021

Last updated on October 28th, 2021 at 10:55 am

Christopher Cross made it to Treasure Island to celebrate 40 years (41) and it hasn’t been easy to get this show in the books, with it first being postponed due to COVID. Try #2 at this point isn’t clear, my guess though is Chris’s recovery from said disease. Cross celebrated his 40th Anniversary by treating all the fans to an 18 song set.

Those 18 songs were filled with his biggest hits from the supposed Yacht Rock Era. If you look up Yacht Rock, it’s more of a song-by-song basis. Admittedly, Cross is a mainstay in that genre, I just wouldn’t classify him there, I’d probably list him under soft rock or smooth rock.

Christopher Cross, Yacht Rock, Treasure Island, Rock, Sailing

Cross sailed his way through his self-titled Album, which included classic hits “Say You’ll Be Mine“, and everyone’s favorite sing-along song “Sailing“. Cross’s breakout Album earned him the rare feat of capturing the “Big Four” Grammy Awards. A feat that belonged only to him until Billie Eilish managed the feat last year. Cross said he reached out to Eilish to congratulate her on the accomplishment, only to not have a return response. The 70-year-old Cross quipped she’s young, she probably has no idea who I am.

Cross saved my favorite 2 songs for the end of the show, ending the night with “Ride Like The Wind” which normally has Michael McDonald as the backup singer, and the Encore “Think Of Laura” which had Cross singing in that upper range. First of all, it’s amazing he can hit that upper vocal range at all, and was it perfect?  No. It was a great version that showed that the imperfections of a live show are what makes it fun and that itself makes it great.

Christopher Cross, Yacht Rock, Treasure Island, Rock

I must admit entering Treasure Island tonight caught me off-guard as I was about to walk in the doors, there’s a sign requiring Masks inside. Not a big deal, I always have one with just in case. I’m not sure if this is an everyday policy at Treasure Island or a recommendation of Mr. Cross.

Early last year as Covid was in its early stages, Cross got hit by the disease, COVID ended up putting him in the ICU for nearly a month. The disease also left him temporarily paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome which put him in a wheelchair for close to a half year. 

Fortunately for himself and everyone in attendance he’s made a strong recovery, although he’s not sure that he will ever be back to his old self.

He put on a great show, that everyone loved. You can’t help singing and just feeling happy as you’re walking out the door.

Written by Brett


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